Show Love and Respect to Elders!

… especially if they are part of your family! Loved ones should not be treated like this! Shame on people on this video who physically hurt their aged parent!

And to DSWD officials, please act as soon as possible. I can feel what Anthony Taberna said and felt on the video – “naha-highblood”!

I was really affected. Made me missed my grandma even more who passed away a year ago. :( I felt as if they’re hurting my grandma.

Please, please… love your parents. Take care of them when they grow older. When they can’t remember anything anymore.

Best Japanese Movie: My Rainy Days

I thought A Moment To Remember will remain number one on my list. But after watching My Rainy Days, everything has changed. I fell in love with Nozomi Sasaki and that movie is now my favorite. Best favorite, to be exact. Haha.

My Rainy Days_Japanese Movie

Sweet Reward

Let’s have some fun here. Below are the screen shots of my favorite scenes. How did Rio and Kouki end up kissing in the library? Back track starting from the movie poster above. (In reverse order)

My Rainy Days  - Library Kiss

Kilig to the max!

Oh gosh, I was uber kilig and blushing while watching. It’s one of the sweetest things a guy could do! Haha. I really really love the way it happens. Yeah, it just happens. Watch it and you’ll get what I mean. :)


Gotcha! She finally got his attention!

My Rainy Days_Library 2

Pretty Bored! Literally...

My Rainy Days_Library

Study time, not play time!

Unlike the romance movies I’ve watched before, My Rainy Days is an all-in-one chick flick that’s worth countless replays! Oh yeah, I can’t get over this film! It features not only love but also friendship, family virtues, work passion and other challenges. A slice of life in some sort.

Love is definitely the  great catalyst of all times. Because of her feelings toward Kouki (Shosuke Tanihara), Rio leaves her own self behind. But she’s still the pushy, aggressive yet delicate type that Kouki learned to love. Kouki in turn becomes less anti-social and start having hope because of Rio. You see, even the simple mistakes are meant to take place. If not with the wrong photos sent to them, those two won’t meet that fateful rainy day… Err, in fact they had their unofficial encounters when Rio was 14 (at the hospital) and 17(at the bar).

I really enjoyed this simple yet moving story. How will you treasure the sweet memories that are about to fade? How will you keep loving someone who is about to forget everything including you? Such a torture, right? Rio is brave enough to start all over again. Her rainy days are not all about  tears rolling down her cheeks but also having Kouki back in her arms.

My Rainy Days – a must watch movie!

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Korean Movie: A Moment To Remember

Because I can’t get over this romantic yet sort of tragic movie, I am also posting it here. After all, this is SWORD so let me spread the word!

A Moment To Remember

I don’t have to remember you. You’re a part of me...

Real tear-jerker! Just like what I’ve said at Pinkville post (A Moment To Remember), this movie seems to be a mix of “My Sassy Girl” and “The Notebook”. And I’ve just figured out that Son Ye-Jin (Kim Su-Jin) is the same girl at “The Classic”.

This Korean movie made me cry because I can relate to it. The fear of losing my memory is as strong as the pain of losing my loved ones. So disheartening.

You can check my Pinkville blog post for other comments and the link to watch the movie online. I am also sharing the touching love letter here:

Letter_A_Moment To Remember

I’m afraid my just returned memory will leave me again.. .

Going Home: Perfect Portrait of Grandma’s Love

This reminds me of my beloved grandma and her undying love to her grandchildren and daughters… This video send me to tears and I can’t help it but miss grandma even more.

But hey, I have to remind myself that it’s over. I swear, I’ll MOURN NO MORE.

Sacrifice… In the Name of LOVE!

This was shared to me via Facebook. If you are the bridge master in this video, what will you do?

Spread the word and keep spreading the LOVE!