Ball Game Is Not My Thing…

Basketball, football, soccer, name those ball games and you won’t keep me awake. Not that they are boring but because I can’t relate to those games. I’m not as passionate as others nor one of die-hard fans of famous athletes.

The only ball game that I appreciate much is softball. It’s popular in my hometown during summer. My father and brother play during the softball league, too. My uncles are also fond of this game that I and my cousins cheer for them. Unfortunately, just like any other ball games, players are prone to accident. They had their own share of little in game accidents but the good thing is that they’re enjoying the game. During the tournament, there are also sponsors for ball game accessories and first aid kits. Some freebies are player’s uniforms, gloves, baseball bats, and ankle brace for soccer. Soccer? Yes, because it’s more popular in the US and most sponsors are foreigners. They’re both ball games anyway so ankle braces during emergencies can work for both soccer and softball players.

Pick Your Running Shoes

I have friends who are fond of fun run and some of them are actually collecting singlet. It’s so nice to know that they are running not just for their own health or welfare but they are also supporting the endeavors of the main event.

Have you tried joining the fun run? How far can you run? I haven’t. I think the first thing I have to do is to buy a good running shoes like Reebok Zig and start looking for upcoming fun run. Condura Skyway Marathon is the current talk of the town. In fact, some of my officemates have registered already and will be running for this event.

Reebok Zig Running Shoes

Shoes for the boys!

Condura Run 2011 is scheduled on February 6, 2011!

Not the Sporty Type of Girl

Sometimes, being idle is disgusting. It’s not that I hate idle moments, in fact, I miss it. I’ve been living a very busy life ever since I started working. Now that I’m soon to be off from work (meaning free from office burdens), I am thinking of something else to do. Not a workload, solely for recreational purposes.

I used to be active in our badminton session in my previous company and where I am employed right now. But due to change in our office location and schedule, I miss playing. I am not a pro-badminton player but hitting the shuttle cock makes me happy. Exuberant. Overwhelmed. I love this physical activity because it gives me all the time to be with some of my friends and to stretch some muscles (if I have any). I am not the sporty type, mind you. But I love going out with them. There are other sports I would like to try such as golf, scuba diving, parasailing, wall climbing and maybe more extreme sports! :)

Hey, it’s almost Valentine and your friends might be expecting something from you. If she’s a golfer, go for personalized golf gifts for her. Surely, it can make her happier and more inspired to play.

Woman Golfer

Let her play all day...

Getting Started with Sports Book

sports book

Once you’ve decided which sports book site you are going to use, getting started is pretty simple and straightforward. Most sites are set up to make it very quick and easy for their customers to place bets. First the site will ask you to set up an account by filling out a form with your name and address and you’ll also be asked to sign their terms and conditions form.

Then the site will want to know if you want to deposit funds with the cashier. These funds are used to back your bets and are deposited in your own personal account, which is also where your winnings will be deposited. You will enter your personal information when setting up your account.

Each site has its own rules and regulations for depositing and withdrawing funds with a variety of accepted payment options. Depositing funds is usually as simple as clicking a button for the cashier and following the instructions. Some sites even give you a free cash bonus for starting your account with them.

You can play some instant win casino-type games and some games like poker without setting up a fund account, but if you want to get into betting on sports teams or car racing, you’ll need to start an account.
Once you’ve set up your account and made your deposit, you’re ready to start betting. The hardest part of all this just might be trying to decide what contest you want to bet on. The choice is limited only by your interests.

Once you decide what you want to bet on, click on the help button for each contest and you should see simple instructions to follow. Because betting sites want you as a repeat customer, most will have a simple step-by-step guide for placing your first bet.