Asian Trip: The Twists and Turns

of events… Fasten your seatbelt as I drive you through the conflict and exciting plot of our limited vacay.


So candid!

Share the love, share the fun. Watch out for unlimited bloopers from Day 1 to Day 6. :)

Asian Trip: Fabulous Places

Here’s the setting:
When: August 13 – 18, 2010
Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore

I tried my best to separate my blogging life from FB but there are times that it won’t be possible. This post is not an exemption. Images are grabbed from our albums.

Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa, Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studios, SG


Esplanade, SG

Merlion Park

Merlion Park, SG

Sentosa Bayfront

Sentosa Bayfront

Marina Bay City Gallery

Marina Bay City Gallery


Petronas Towers

Menjana Transformasi

Menjana Transformasi, PJ

Putra Mosque, Putra Jaya

Selera Putra

Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putra Jaya MY

Genting, Malaysia

Genting, Malaysia

The first three rows features amazing places to be at Singapore while the last three are shots from the heart of Malaysia. Yeah, due to limited time were not able to visit other nice spots indicated in the traveller’s guide that we have printed. :( Nonetheless, we had a wonderful day and night tour!

More images on next post…

Asian Trip: The Main Characters

A short story has 5 important elements: character, setting, conflict, plot and theme. Our 6-day vacation is like a short story and I’m craving for more. Happy ending, but I’d be happier if it’s a never-ending holiday. :)

First thing first, let me highlight the main characters!

Asian Girls

Time Machine Features Ice, Liz and Patty

The Girls:

Hottie Ice

Hottie Ice

Who will think that we’ll be able to establish this type of close relationship? I used to say, “We’re not close.” for a shallow reason that she’s not sharing her lovelife to me. LOL. Yeah. That’s funny. It’s not my sole standard for friendship but I’m such a person who wants to know you more from what you tell me and from what I see. And I’m very interested about love life. I’m not prying into other’s intimate relationship, mind you. It’s just that I love hearing stories that sound like music to my heart, though at times it cuts like a knife.

As opposed to what some people believe, Ice is a caring friend. I can’t blame others for associating “taray” and “suplada” to her. She’s fond of raising her brows and rolling her eyes on you. She’s hard to please. But she’s not a b!tch! Haha. She’s outgoing, bubbly and funny. She has a good sense of humor and positive view of life. Talking to her is like speaking with a grown up and playing with a kid simultaneously. Surely, you’ll enjoy her company. (Sales pitch?)

On a serious note, Ice is one of the leaders on the rise. She’s a great Deltan and a true foundation of exemplary values. Highly commendable! To quote her: Leadership is influencing those that are within your border. When you’re a leader you don’t need to step up every time. Being a leader is like taking a backseat and coaching your people to perform but if danger arises you need to step up for them. When I delved further about her interpersonal relationship, she was able to point out that ‘walking the talk’ is her strength. I have to agree with her, for how can a leader impose something of he or she can’t do it himself/herself.

And how was she during the trip?

Of course her true self. Exudes arrogance at times but it’s where all the fun came from. She talks and acts like that, and I appreciate her for who she is. I can’t help but laugh at her quirks. Ice, can you be more organized next time? Haha. I’m referring to your things. And money, that is. If you want me to hold it for you, rather keep it, or manage it and whatever, just let me know! :)

It’s so nice to know you. Thanks to you and to our travel buddies Grass, Mae Ann, MJ and Ate Jhen.

Pouty Patty

Pouty Patty

Hey batchmate! We’ve been together ever since our first day in the company and now you steal Karot from me. Go ahead, have fun with your honey! Kidding. You’re one of the divas and I envy your soothing voice.  Extraordinary! I wish I’m a good singer like you.

The most remarkable thing about her during that trip is our 2-hour conversation inside the bus. I wasn’t sleepy; my eyes were just getting heavy as keep my tears from falling. We’re talking about work related stuff and one of the toughest decision she ever made. Kudos Patty for following your heart! I know you made the right choice and I’ll be here for you. That’s one proof already. :) You’ve got lots of friends here that can make your stay worthwhile.

And hey, I had a good laugh with you girl. Talk about your bendable neck! Giraffe? Haha. How’s your sprained foot? Hope you’re feeling better!

Lizzy Bear

Lizzy Bear

Yours truly. The ever funny/bubbly/witty Lizzy! Certified child at heart. :) I’ve been blogging for years and I’m running out of description about me. :) This one picture says it all. Happy!

The Guy:

Papa Ed

Papa Ed

Big Brother. Period. Are you a nagger? What’s with the frown and the rising intonation? Haha. I used to think that you’re a strict Kuya but now, I can say that you can really be a “cool” buddy.  I can crack jokes better than you, though. Harhar. And I didn’t expect you to be hysterical/hyperactive at the cable car. Weird.

Ed has been a real gentleman all through out and I admire him for that. Thanks Kuya Ed! Haha.

Come to think of it… we’re all Deltans. And the true spirit of friendship runs through our blood!

Watch out for my next post – the remaining elements.