Tips In Reducing Computer Risks

There are a lot of modern computer threats out there and it is important that you know how to protect your system from such threats.

Update Your Systems: This is perhaps one of the things that a lot of companies are taking for granted. It can be time-consuming and exhausting but then again, updating software, operating system and everything which needs to be updated can help improve security.

Keep Everything Standard: It is vital that you are aware of what software is running in your network. It is also important that you should make everything standard meaning that if you are using particular software then make it a point that every system in your network is using the same software and is being maintained by a specific group of people as oppose to random individuals in the office. So if you are using Avira Business Edition in your computer then make it a point that the whole network is also utilizing the same software.

Manage Your Security: Make it a point that you are familiar with the security settings of each browser that you are getting. Be aware of what they offer and what they cannot so you can adjust your network accordingly and be able to manage your security better. Is it more convenient for you and your employees to be using a browser that always asks permission for everything that you do online? Or is it better to be able to just do everything conveniently but offers a higher risk?

In this age, you cannot afford to be lax about your computer security especially if you are a business owner. Lots of money tends to be lost due to lack of computer security.

Choosing Between A Stun Gun Or A Pepper Spray

These days you can never go wrong with bringing a tool which can protect you from unpleasant encounters. This is true especially if you are a girl and two tools come to mind; a stun gun or a pepper spray. So what is better of the two?

Stun Gun: A stun gun is designed to electrocute an assailant with a certain voltage to stun him, hence the term “stun” gun. However it is important that you do not get the misconception that hitting an assailant more than once can get him unconscious since the effect of the stun gun on him depends on the voltage. This only works if you press the stun gun towards your assailant’s body long enough.

Pepper Spray: A pepper spray on the other hand is a projectile weapon that can hit someone as far as six to twenty five feet away. The good thing about a pepper spray as compared to a stun gun is that if an assailant fall victim to a pepper spray, he or she will have a difficult time recovering. This gives the user of the pepper spray ample time to escape.

The truth is that both weapons are effective in their own right. It just depends on what weapon you are more comfortable using. If you are more comfortable using your bear pepper spray then you are better off with it however, if you are more adept in close encounters then you are better off utilizing a stun gun.

Public Transportation Safety Tips

Pink Bus in Manila

With the crime rate in every part of the world not showing any signs of being under controlled, you would think that there are no safe places anymore. And this applies even when you are taking public transportation and in fact, public transportations are one of the most common places where crimes take place. It is not surprising to hear news that a girl got raped after taking a cab or a hostage situation taking place inside a bus. Even airplanes are occasionally threatened by terrorists planning to hijack it. With this in mind, it is important that you be vigilant and to follow these tips:

  • Travel With People: Not just any stranger but someone whom you are comfortable with. A friend or a co-worker you trust. If you are a girl and you will be travelling in the evening, have your boyfriend fetch you or a relative or parent if possible. If the first set of people are not unavailable then you could attempt to befriend some of the commuters who are traveling with you. This may not always be a good idea since you might end up meeting someone who can be potentially dangerous but this can be one of those last resorts.
  • Keep Your Cash Out Of People’s Eyesight: When you are paying for transportation fare, make it a point to just pay the exact or approximate amount. No need to show the conductor, or the driver or the people around you that you have lots of cash since doing so can potentially attract the attention of unpleasant individuals.
  • Refrain From Flaunting Your Gadgets. Be Alert: There is nothing wrong in bringing your IPod with you or any of your gadgets as long as you are using them discreetly. No need to flaunt it in front of other people. If possible, keep your gadgets away from prying eyes. This can get the attention of the wrong people. At the same time, you have to be alert. And refrain from looking like a paranoid. Be discreet. Be observant of the people around you. Have some presence of mind.
  • Choose Crowded Areas When Waiting For Public Transportation: As much as possible, find a spot where you are not the only one waiting for a public transportation to pass by. Go to the nearest public transportation terminal so that at least there are other people whom you can blend with. This will help lessen the chances of you being robbed. Of course you still need to be vigilant since there is still a chance that you can get in trouble even while being with other passengers. The good thing though is that it will not be as worse as what you will probably get yourself in if you were alone.

Though this may not be a comprehensive list of the dos and don’ts when it comes to your safety, it still depends on you on how you will handle yourself in such a situation. Just take extra care and be vigilant and hope that you will not find yourself getting into such a mess.

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Why Automated Clearing House Is Effective

Two of the most common problems that businesses encounter once in a while are loss of information and security. It is important for a company to be able to keep track of every transaction which took place on each day since it determines how much profit the company is earning. Furthermore, it also tells them the number of products sold and what products were sold which is important when it comes to conducting an inventory. By having a day to day record of each item sold will also lessen the chances of theft within the company.

By having an automated clearing house, it helps quicken the pace of every process. Due to the technology that mankind has, companies can now cater to more customers through online. People can easily set up online accounts which can help them make financial transactions efficiently and more quickly. E-checks are available for people to be able to include important details and to send payment. Since it is automated, information and numbers become more accurate.

In cases of technical issues, a support team is always available to troubleshoot it. Customers on the other hand are provided a timeframe as to when to expect the service to be available. Manual transactions are then processed during these kinds of moments. Once everything is up and running again, electronic transactions can now be conducted again. Having an automated clearing house is greatly beneficial not only for the company but also convenient for the customers they cater to.

Why Wearing Motorcycle Helmets Is Important

Life is very unpredictable especially when you are on the road. You will never know what may happen while you are riding your bike or driving your car. And this is not being pessimistic but rather, it is just being realistic and careful. The news says it all. Accidents happen while people are on the road. That is why car companies continue to manufacture cars with built-in emergency defense mechanisms. That is why the Global Position System or GPS was invented, to help people on the road find an easier way towards their destination. This also helps to keep them safe from accidents which may have already taken place. That is why they always remind people not to drink while driving.

The same is true when riding motorcycles. Helmets are important to keep your head safe in those unfortunate events where you lose control of your bike and or you accidentally got hit by a swerving car, causing you to topple off your bike. Though you may end up rolling on the streets, at least if you were wearing some sort of special motorcycle helmet like Akuma or sparx motorcycle Helmets then chances are, you would still live to tell the tale. It is frightening to see some bikers around us not having a single care in the world how vulnerable their heads are that they refuse to wear helmets.

sparx motorcycle Helmets

And the only time that they will realize the importance of a motorcycle helmet is if they have lived to tell the tale, after coming from an accident. Again, this is not being negative but just being careful. The fact is, bikers are more prone to road accidents than cars since they are a lot smaller. Not to mention the fact that there is a majority of people who prefer driving their family to restaurants and or to some amusement park nearby. And there are people who are forced to work as truckers who deliver goods from one locale to another. It is hard to imagine truckers ending up squashed if it squared off against a motorcycle or motorcycles destroying that limousine after playing chicken.

But if you follow people’s advice to wear your motorcycle helmet, even if it is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head, then you are probably better off with someone who did not bother wearing a helmet at all. And maybe you may want to wear those kneecaps and elbow caps as well just to be on the safe side.