Triple Birthday Treat

Rei (bf’s close friend, our barkada) just had his advanced birthday celebration last March 10, 2012. But yesterday, they had another exclusive celebration with us. It’s more of a double date – Rei & KC with Babu (my bf) & me at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe, Northest Square Greenhills.

It was a high-class and cozy Japanese resto. We enjoyed our food and I really loved the Fried Prawn Bowl. Seafood sensation! More of yummy pics will be posting on Raven may write the restaurant review for me. Lol.

Liz and Babu at Yumemiya

After being full at Yumemiya, we headed to Happy Lemon! It was my first time there, same as Babu. KC suggested to try Cocoa with Rocksalt and Cheese. And I had to regrets upon taking the first sip! No straw needed to fully enjoy the layer of cheese. I super love it! Babu’s pick was Oreo Cookies and Cream Coffee. When I tasted it, I preferred mine over his choice. Haha.

Before going to Rei’s place, we had a quick stop over at New Manila’s holy tree. It’s a good place in the city where you can learn some teachings of Buddhism, appreciate a brand new experience and know more about the universal truth. Marcus handed Rei a birthday gift (which turned out to be a Buddy statue) then he gave each of us a booklet about “A Life of Blessings”.

I just had a triple first-timer experience in a day and it was great especially that I’m with my boyfriend when it happened. Lol.

Thank you Rei & KC for the treat!

Mind Your Own Business

Just when I thought I can take a plunge to start my own business, I realized the fact that there are more challenges than opportunities. I meet up with the restaurant seller last Tuesday and I learned a lot from him. My boyfriend accompanied me during the meet up and though we came up with the same decision, we still have lots of things to talk about running a resto.

The restaurant rights for sale will cost us P500 000 but it won’t be the only expenses. Rent, employee’s salary, bills, name it… every single centavo will count if you run a business.

Writing Business Plan

Business plan?

I first thought of franchising a Thai resto, but the challenge lies with the strategical location. And now that our eyes are fixed on the restaurant rights near UST, I’m finding it difficult to detach with what I want. I want that place. Everything about it. Everything that I’ve seen during the resto-viewing. But I have to admit, I have limited resources. If only 500K can make the business running, that would be easier. But no… since summer is fast approaching, I don’t want to start with greater risks than expected.

Oh come on. I said to myself that I will invest 150 000 for franchising and seems that I’m going overboard. :) In fact, it all started with the idea of P21 ooo food cart franchise. Level up!

Now, let me ask you this question: If you have 500, 000 pesos for capital, what business will you put up and why?

My Future Business – Bakeshop

I have mentioned before that I want to put up a bakeshop or bakery. I have actually checked online on how to get started and I find it very challenging. There are lots of paper works to do, equipments to buy, and bakers to hire.

Tasty Bread

Sweet inspiration...

As for bakery equipment, I might settle for second-hand items but are of good quality. I have contacted some online sellers and they are kind enough to answer my inquiries. Unlike grocery or department store business, I won’t be needing a barcode scanner to check for the prices of items being sold. I will first start with fixed-price breads and cakes. My sister is an HRM-graduate so she’ll be a great help to me.

Wish me luck!

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Experience China At Super Bowl

Because I missed the luxurious dining at Super Bowl of China with my friends, I dragged my boyfriend to this resto yesterday after buying MTG booster packs. We went home bloated after our lunch date. Yay!

Sorry for the blurred images. I am struggling real hard while taking those photos since my phone battery was about to get empty. And by the time I was able to charge it there, I am already starving and I couldn’t resist the tempting servings on our table!