Happy Mother’s Day!

Google has something for all the mom out there!

Happy Mother's Day

Cute animated Google Doodle! I wish my mom can see that one, too!

I’m away from home so I can just greet her via phone and Facebook. I also greeted my ninang (godmother, my mom’s younger sister) because she’s also like a real mother to me. And though grandma is no longer here, she still deserves heartfelt greetings from our family.

Mother's Day

I took this family picture so I wasn't in the photo. Lol.

Inay, ninang, lola, and to all the great moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Every mom is the best mother for her children so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mom, I’m So Proud of You!

The title said it all! Ooops, plus: I love you so much! A two-liner from your eldest daughter.

I would like to greet all the mother’s out there as well: Happy Mother’s Day! You are all the best mom in the world in your own ways.

Few hours from now, Mother’s Day will be over but it does not mean that we should stop recognizing the great moms and other remarkable people around us. Make every day memorable by lending a helping hand!

Today, let me spread the word that can help save the world from hunger…

Mother's DaySend $1 and fill 4 cups. Imagine how many children you can feed with your heartfelt donation.