A Valentine’s Greeting From Google

It’s that time of the year again where you will find young boys visiting various flower shops just so they can purchase the best flowers to give to the girl that they are courting. At the same time working ladies find bouquets of roses being delivered on their table inside their cubicles or office. Valentine’s remains to be one of the most celebrated holidays across the globe and in fact was not necessarily a day for lovers but the feast of Saint Valentine where legends say that he was imprisoned because he was performing weddings for soldiers who back at his time were disallowed to wed.

A Valentine’s Greeting From Google

Today, we can see that Google once again designed a spectacular graphics which shows two figures of couples that represent the letters “O” in the word Google respectively, while the heart represents the letter “G”. By clicking on the heart at the center of the design, the graphics will change into a chopping board where different ingredients are presented. On the other side, there’s a heart-shaped chocolate case and it’s up to you on which combination of ingredients you want to combine.

A Valentine’s Greeting From Google

Once the three circular white objects have been given flavor, the graphics will change back to the default Valentine Google Doodle except that the man figure in the doodle is now handing over the heart-shaped Valentine chocolate box containing the chocolates. Google never cease to design a remarkable graphic for each special occasion.

A Valentine’s Greeting From Google


A Valentine’s Greeting From Google

Dating, Courtship and Marriage

Bride and Grrom - Wedding Day

Through the evolution of time, it is very noble that the human race has retained devotional traditions. This is very true when it comes to expressing commitment to another person intimately like proposing engagement and performing wedding ceremonies. Here are some distinctions about how present cultures uphold the sanctity of these expressions of commitments:

Dating versus Courtship

Some cultures value courtship that has been deemed maliciously by others as putting ones’ “best foot forward”. To eliminate this, some cultures prefer dating and going out with a potential partner in order to figure out among themselves whether keeping one another is worth the shot or not. It is just a matter of time before two people step up in a relationship or move on for the better. There is one other route that is strictly followed by some cultures, and that is called fixed marriage. These cultures believe in the exclusivity of their culture and preserving their values by remaining intact. There is absolutely no telling which route is better than the other, but it does work for some. The bottom line of these three different routes leads to engagement anyway – people just have to start somewhere.

The good thing is, despite differences in today’s culture, it all boils down to the same thing: upholding values about engagement. That it indicates a life-changing event in ones’ life that is why it is marked by a gift. That gift symbolizes not just commitment, but loyalty, ownership and trust that forever is worth spent with the other person.  There comes the diamond in the picture. Not only are diamonds girls’ best friend, but they are also forever – as the song goes. It marks the beginning of forever for a couple, and many people uphold that ceremonious and intimate search for a perfect ring.

Legal Wedding Ceremonies and Religious Wedding Rituals

For people who are content confessing their devotion to their partners in their local city hall, legal presiding officers can announce a couple married without preparing for too much. It works well for couples who are distant to their families, and prefer a smaller crowd when getting married. For some, it is more appropriate to have religious witnesses and to promise in God’s name that their devotion to their partner will be indelible.

Differences in beliefs do not take away the fact that either of these two scenarios lacks wedding bands or wedding rings during the process. People nowadays uplift the value of including a symbol to this act of devotion. With budget and preference to consider there are still traditional things that cannot be bent by time.

Triple Birthday Treat

Rei (bf’s close friend, our barkada) just had his advanced birthday celebration last March 10, 2012. But yesterday, they had another exclusive celebration with us. It’s more of a double date – Rei & KC with Babu (my bf) & me at Yumemiya Japanese Cafe, Northest Square Greenhills.

It was a high-class and cozy Japanese resto. We enjoyed our food and I really loved the Fried Prawn Bowl. Seafood sensation! More of yummy pics will be posting on www.couplestrip.com. Raven may write the restaurant review for me. Lol.

Liz and Babu at Yumemiya

After being full at Yumemiya, we headed to Happy Lemon! It was my first time there, same as Babu. KC suggested to try Cocoa with Rocksalt and Cheese. And I had to regrets upon taking the first sip! No straw needed to fully enjoy the layer of cheese. I super love it! Babu’s pick was Oreo Cookies and Cream Coffee. When I tasted it, I preferred mine over his choice. Haha.

Before going to Rei’s place, we had a quick stop over at New Manila’s holy tree. It’s a good place in the city where you can learn some teachings of Buddhism, appreciate a brand new experience and know more about the universal truth. Marcus handed Rei a birthday gift (which turned out to be a Buddy statue) then he gave each of us a booklet about “A Life of Blessings”.

I just had a triple first-timer experience in a day and it was great especially that I’m with my boyfriend when it happened. Lol.

Thank you Rei & KC for the treat!

February 15 is the New Valentine!

Sweet Valentine - Pink Marshmallow Choco Pops

Image grabbed from pinterest.com/lizmoneyweb

It seems that Valentine’s Day is getting less significant to people except for lovers. I am not saying this out of frustration, it’s just that I really miss my friends who make this day more special. When I was a schooler, Valentine’s Day was more colorful. In elementary days, I always help decorate the rooms with paper hearts, kissing couples, Cupid cut-outs and so on. Most of the time, I was also the one in-charge with a mini-Valentine program. In highschool, I love celebrating the Valentine with my classmates. Valentine Fair was so much fun and exciting especially the marriage booth. This thing holds true until college. I always have this “kilig” feeling to see my crush. Come to think of it, I never had any Valentine date when I was still studying but I did receive chocolates, flowers and something sweet from guys and girls alike. Friendship. And maybe secret admirer.

I started dating when I got my first job in Manila. Things went smoothly and Valentine’s Day became exclusive between me and my boyfriend. Relationships come and go. And there was one time I was crying on a Valentine. I had a better love life afterwards. That’s big thanks to my current bf… we’re together for more than 4 years now. It’s him who made my Valentine more special for the past years. I was really happy about that. The gifts, the flowers, the kisses, no girl friends would do such a thing. But I still do miss my girl buddies. I wish there’s a special “girls” day, too wherein girl friends and bff can go bonding all-day. Of course I had the time to meet up with my friends, catch up and have bonding moments but at a special day like this, I can’t help but wish to be a college freshman once again…

But maybe, that is really how it is. Valentine’s day is not like Christmas. You can do anything you want, and whether you celebrate it in the most special way or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s not an official holiday anyway. The world won’t celebrate with you! As for my boyfriend and me, I guess February 15 is the new Valentine. We’ll celebrate today though I’ve been staying with him since yesterday doing nothing but movie marathon and anime rerun. Couched potatoes.

And I’m looking forward to our booked full-body massage this week!

Lovely January

I’m soooo loving this month!

First, it started with the happiest new year! Then a blessed birthday followed by our sweet monthsary!

It’s really nice to celebrate things! :) Especially if there are lots of food…

Triple chocolate cake and peanut butter ice cream were simply the best!

Cake and Ice Cream

love them!

What’s more to look forward to?

Well, it would be the Dark Ascension prerelease later and I am so excited about it! Gotta get cool new cards! The best part of it is that we’ll be playing for free since I’ve won PR passes from the previous weekend MTG tournament.

So, that’s it for now! I have to prep up and leave shortly. :)