A Valentine’s Greeting From Google


It’s that time of the year again where you will find young boys visiting various flower shops just so they can purchase the best flowers to give to the girl that they are courting. At the same time working ladies …

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Dating, Courtship and Marriage


Through the evolution of time, it is very noble that the human race has retained devotional traditions. This is very true when it comes to expressing commitment to another person intimately like proposing engagement and performing wedding ceremonies. Here are …

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Triple Birthday Treat


Rei (bf’s close friend, our barkada) just had his advanced birthday celebration last March 10, 2012. But yesterday, they had another exclusive celebration with us. It’s more of a double date – Rei & KC with Babu (my bf) & …

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February 15 is the New Valentine!


It seems that Valentine’s Day is getting less significant to people except for lovers. I am not saying this out of frustration, it’s just that I really miss my friends who make this day more special. When I was a …

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Lovely January


I’m soooo loving this month! First, it started with the happiest new year! Then a blessed birthday followed by our sweet monthsary! It’s really nice to celebrate things! Especially if there are lots of food… Triple chocolate cake and peanut …

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