Check Social Security System (SSS) Contribution Online

I’m self-employed right now and I don’t know how to continue with my SSS (Social Security System) contributions. I also have an active loan and I’d like to check how much I owe them. I remember that I have an online account with SSS so I checked my inbox for my login details.

It’s been 90 days since I last logged in so I was prompted to change my password. After that, I was able to log in using my new password. I checked my SSS contributions and I’m happy to see that it’s updated:

SSS Contribution Online

Check your SSS contribution online!

Note: Personal details and SSS contributions are hidden for security purposes.

I checked the Loans tab but didn’t see the exact amount and monthly deduction from my payroll there. And sorry to say this, the system is not that user-friendly. Main menus are okay, but I never thought that those little triangles are drop-down menus until my mouse pointer accidentally hovered over them.

On a positive note, the appointment system is impressive in a sense that you’ll get prioritized when you visit the desired branch over walk-in members. I’m referring to the concept itself and not the service because I haven’t tried setting an appointment yet.  By using the appointment system, you’ll also be able to select specific service and provide more information about your concern. I just hope that SSS Office are providing quality service because I’ve heard some nasty things about them.

No matter how crappy some offices are, it’s still good to be an SSS member because it entitles you with different claims such as maternity claim, retirement claim, sickness claim and social security disability claim.

If you’re an SSS member and would like to check your contributions and member details online, you may sign up here.

Ambroxol For My Cough

I’ve got cough and colds again… It’s not due to the weird summer rain. Though my boyfriend and I were caught in the middle of traffic under the heavy rain last weekend, my colds didn’t show up that early. And I thought my resistance is good enough until I keep sneezing one night while playing Magic: The Gathering. The real culprit? My MTG addiction and my lack of self-discipline in terms of getting a decent sleep. I’m contented with power naps to the point of not sleeping at all and that made me vulnerable to common ailments. I’m not coughing my lungs out yet. I just hate this dry cough of mine because it contracts my stomach (or, is it diaphragm?!) and keeps my throat itchy! So far, Ambroxol is doing good. I used to take Lagundi tablets  but they don’t come handy these days. Hope to get well soon. Can’t afford to get sick even more now that I’ve got no health card ever since I started to be self-employed. At times like this, I become interested in HMO offers and other healthcare plans. If Medicare part D plans cover every health issues, that would be really great!

No More Health Insurance

I haven’t consulted a neurologist yet. I tried several times to no success. I won’t be able to use my health card in the succeeding days for I have to return it to HR. I have a related story posted here: No More Health Card. Goodbye company benefits. Goodbye friends! :(

Even if I will be staying at home and put up my own business, I think it is still important to have health insurance. I’ll be self-employed and I wonder what is the best medical plan for me.

In North Carolina, Blue Advantage is so popular because of its benefits. There is a comprehensive and affordable plan for everyone and the online application is quick and easy.  It even offers temporary health insurance especially to students who have specific number of days to report to college. Applicants can also take advantage of the 15% discount on their online quotes or 20% by paying upfront.

During life transitions, you can’t afford to go without coverage!

Have a Safe RV Tour

RV or recreational vehicles are good means of transportation if you wish to see the beautiful cities and great places in a country you are visiting. But you have to choose the best company that offer this service to make sure that you will not only enjoy the ride but also have a safe trip.

RV Tour

A safe trip leads to happy trip!

In US, Canad and Mexico, the insurance competition is very tight that you must be familiar with their terms and conditions. Go for breakdown service that has no mileage restrictions and without hidden charges. The insurance should cover all of your family members that are traveling with you.

The Importance of Life Insurance

I’ve just heard the tragic news of the nursing students who got killed in the blazing hotel where they were staying just before their board exam at Cagayan State University. It’s so saddening that these graduate students ended up ashes instead of registered nurses after several years of studying. For sure, their parents are carrying such a heavy burden until now. Parents might point the blame to the hotel owner or to anyone else but it can’t change anything. Some of them might even be the bread winner of the family and it may impose financial challenges. If those students are insured, that would be a great help to their families. If there will be someone to answer all of the expenses that would be better. Though financial help can’t bring them to life nor ease the pain of their loved ones, those who are left behind must be practical.

Life insurance can help you when accidents arise that is why it is better to know which online quotes can give you the best life insurance rate. Insurance is supposed to make your life easier, not harder or make you suffer with debts and higher bills.