Tetris on Saint Patrick’s Day


I got addicted to Tetris just recently so I see to it to login and play everyday to get my daily bonus. And now that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I really enjoyed playing because of the green animation! I love …

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Angry Birds Trivia and Free Games


I am pretty sure that you have already heard of the game Angry Birds. And I would not be surprised as well if you have played the game, too. Angry Birds is a cute game developed by Rovio. It is …

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Woolies Adventure


Our personal computer isn’t fixed yet. We brought it to the computer repair shop earlier but there was no available motherboard. Then the CPU package that we were about to purchase was also out of stock. And since I didn’t …

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Kinect Ready Console – XBOX 360


The faster, the better! That’s one of the innovative feature of the new Microsoft Xbox 360. This gaming system highlights the kinect ready feature that allows user interface accessibility using voice commands and hand gestures. Kinect is also famous for …

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