Tetris on Saint Patrick’s Day

I got addicted to Tetris just recently so I see to it to login and play everyday to get my daily bonus. And now that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I really enjoyed playing because of the green animation! I love green so it really boosts my winning spirity. Lol. Here are some of the screenshots I’ve got… cropped!

St. Patricks Day - Green Bear

St. Patrick's Day - Green Bird

St. Patrick's Day - Green Frog

Cute, right?

Angry Birds Trivia and Free Games

I am pretty sure that you have already heard of the game Angry Birds. And I would not be surprised as well if you have played the game, too. Angry Birds is a cute game developed by Rovio. It is a puzzle game which incorporates physics into it. The player uses a slingshot with a limited variety of birds as the sling’s bullet. The objective is to hit the green pigs residing in rickety structures using your bullets, which are the birds. You do this by controlling the trajectory of the bullets and crashing the structures to hit the pigs inside it. Once all the pigs have been eliminated, you can proceed to the next level. Take note that as you advance in levels, the difficulty of the game increases. At the same time, you get to use different birds with different abilities. It is a fun game and with practice you can finish the game in no time.

Angry Birds Free Online Game

But before it became a hit, do you have any idea of how the game originated? I am sure you are eager to learn more about your favorite game. Rovio has long been developing games but was not able to break through the market until around the year 2009. The idea started with sketches of wingless birds with angry faces. These sketches eventually caught the attention of the developers and eventually made a game about it. The green pigs were later additions in the development stage. The idea of adding green pigs was inspired by the swine flu which was the big news during that period. The game’s origin sounds funny and interesting right?

If you can’t get enough Angry Birds from your iPad or tablet, then try playing it online. Aside from Google Chrome version, you can also play free Angry Birds on your computer. Just go to Free-Games.net Angry Birds and have fun! You can also enjoy other free online games there!

Woolies Adventure

Our personal computer isn’t fixed yet. We brought it to the computer repair shop earlier but there was no available motherboard. Then the CPU package that we were about to purchase was also out of stock. And since I didn’t have my laptop with me while I was in Batangas, I just used my aunt’s desktop.

I updated my blogs quickly and sent emails to some clients. Once I was done with important stuff, I played Woolies Adventure.

It’s a cute game and almost the same as Tumble Bugs. This one seems to be less challenging for me though. But I still played it because the Woolies are so cute! Reminds me of Ewoks.

I finished all stages so the Woolies were able to passed through the gate of heavens…

Woolies Adventure
Woolies Adventure

This would be an ideal game for kids! My siblings love it, too especially my youngest sister.

Kinect Ready Console – XBOX 360

The faster, the better! That’s one of the innovative feature of the new Microsoft Xbox 360. This gaming system highlights the kinect ready feature that allows user interface accessibility using voice commands and hand gestures.

Xbox 360

Here comes the new gaming experience!

Kinect is also famous for its code name Project Natal which is aimed to globally promote Xbox 360 aside from the current gaming market.The kinect feature makes you the video game itself since it ensure a fun controller-free experience. (Talk about the amazing 3D motion capture, facial and voice recognition!) There is a special port wherein you can connect the Kinect sensor to your Xbox 360 console. This makes XBOX more competitive against Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus.

It’s worldwide launch is just around the corner. Mark your calendar on the first week of November. Furthermore, XBOX 360 console can be a perfect gift to your gamer buddies. :)