Happy Mother’s Day!


Google has something for all the mom out there! Cute animated Google Doodle! I wish my mom can see that one, too! I’m away from home so I can just greet her via phone and Facebook. I also greeted my …

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The Wedding Favors


I hope the guests from Mike and Zol’s wedding enjoyed the chocolates. I’m talking about the wedding favors that my family prepared for my bestfriend’s (Zol) wedding. She got married last April 15, 2012 and I was her maid of …

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Answered Prayers

This world is full of blessings and surprises! I won’t get tired of praying for God is listening. Always. I’ve been worried about different things for a while now. Some are family matters while others are mundane stuff. And when …

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A Blessed Birthday


Since I am away from home, I can only spend my birthday with my boyfriend and his family instead of being alone. There’s no kick-off party or a grand celebration. We just started off by attending the Sunday mass at …

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Post-Christmas Fulfillment


I spent my Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. Everything went out as planned. Then I’ll be with my own family on the New Year’s eve while he’ll just drop by the next morning. Cool arrangement! Sweet! I think …

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