Tips In Reducing Computer Risks

There are a lot of modern computer threats out there and it is important that you know how to protect your system from such threats.

Update Your Systems: This is perhaps one of the things that a lot of companies are taking for granted. It can be time-consuming and exhausting but then again, updating software, operating system and everything which needs to be updated can help improve security.

Keep Everything Standard: It is vital that you are aware of what software is running in your network. It is also important that you should make everything standard meaning that if you are using particular software then make it a point that every system in your network is using the same software and is being maintained by a specific group of people as oppose to random individuals in the office. So if you are using Avira Business Edition in your computer then make it a point that the whole network is also utilizing the same software.

Manage Your Security: Make it a point that you are familiar with the security settings of each browser that you are getting. Be aware of what they offer and what they cannot so you can adjust your network accordingly and be able to manage your security better. Is it more convenient for you and your employees to be using a browser that always asks permission for everything that you do online? Or is it better to be able to just do everything conveniently but offers a higher risk?

In this age, you cannot afford to be lax about your computer security especially if you are a business owner. Lots of money tends to be lost due to lack of computer security.

Video Cards: Buying Tips for a Great Gaming Experience

Computers have many uses and with the help of technology, other gadgets can easily connect to a network. The Internet made it possible to do more online stuff whether it’s work-related or for entertainment purposes. Take online gaming for example. Computers and video consoles provide a great gaming experience especially if they are using high-end video cards.

So, how do you choose the best graphic cards for your computer? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Connection

Video cards use different slots such as PCI-E or PCI-Express, AGP or Advanced Graphics Port, and PCI or Peripheral Component Interconnect. Modern computers are now using PCI-E or AGP. If you are not sure of what your computer is using, some technicians can help you with that.

  • Power Supply

Don’t go for power hungry devices for your computer. Most video cards require 500W or more power supply so make sure that your choice meet the power requirements.

  • Memory

If your video card has higher memory, then it will have greater capability. The memory capacity of most modern graphics card ranges from 128MB to 8GB.

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics

Other things that you have to consider when buying a video cards are ports, chipset, size, warranty, price range and support. It’s always good to read online reviews to have an idea about different graphics card. If you are looking for high-end graphics card, check out the features of ATI RADEON 9800 PRO Graphics Card.

The Benefits of a Mobile Workstation

There is no person who would refuse to have a mobile workstation. Having a mobile workstation can definitely make your life easier. If you need to have a better space then you can simply move around along with your mobile workstation. You can also move your workstation to the living room if you want to show something to your family that is only available online. This especially works well since this will spare you the trouble of calling the people to your office just to have them watch it. After you and your family are done watching through it, you can move it back inside your bedroom for some quiet atmosphere as you continue working.

Keeping your tools and equipment will also be more convenient through a mobile workstation. You can have your mouse and keyboard in separate trays which can greatly make a difference when you are busy working. In addition, having a decent and cool-looking workstation can impress some occasional guests. This definitely adds more value to your home. Having mobile computer workstations just makes a huge difference. Not only is it a practical tool to use in the office but also at home. If you are considering doing some upgrades at home, this may be one of those things that you may want to utilize.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Keeping Things Amazing

What’s your pick among BlackBerry Torch, Storm, Curve, Bold and Pearl? I’ve been saying NO to QWERTY keypad but Torch seems to be torturing me.

With the different gadgets released last 2010, it may really be hard to keep up with the fast-paced technology. In terms of smartphones, I have to do a lot of catching up. Is BlackBerry PlayBook better than iPad?

BlackBerry Playbook

Breathtaking multimedia! (

Research In Motion (RIM) released the  9.7 mm thick tablet computer called BlackBerry PlayBook last September 27, 2010. It was known for breathtaking multimedia for HD video and display, rich audio quality and hard core gaming. It supports most of the portable BlackBerry applications and opens the doors to unlimited web experience with enable Adobe Flash and built-in HTML 5 support. It guarantees high-quality graphics and videos, plus the notable high-speed connections.

But still, Apple’s iPad competes with it’s zooming capabilities, battery life and few basic features such as connectivity and storage. It also offers optional iPad accessories like keyboard dockl, casing, and more.

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Windows7 Classroom Training

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