Educational Toys for Kids

Kids loves to play and it’s the best time to develop their creativity. They learn easily at an early stage and acquire more basic information so every interaction during childhood will contribute to his or her knowledge and experience. Educational games and toys can stimulate kid’s overall growth.

Educational Toy for Kids

Playing and learning is fun!

Here are the benefits of incorporating mental challenges to kid games:
- It will clearly shows kids reaction and you can act upon it.
- Visual effects from software catches kids’ attention making them more attentive.
- Educational games make kids more interactive.
- The bond between parents and kids become stronger while supervising the kids in play.
- Every educational game played by a kid is a learning block to become an intellectual and social being.

Christening Gift Ideas

I’ll be a ninang once again and I am still thinking of what gift to buy this weekend. Selphie is a cute baby girl and she deserves baby pampering. Hmmm. I’ll be needing my boyfriend’s help then because I haven’t seen the baby yet. I have no idea how big she is even after checking some FB photos.

I wish to give her kawaii tee or pink dress but I really don’t have any idea of her size of clothing. I want something personalized but I might end up giving her general baby essentials. How about buying items online? Baby Jogger City Select stroller seems to be a good idea! But will the baby fit in? I’m looping back to the same old question. Size matters!

Personalized Gifts for Babies

Plush Elephant - Gift for Baby

Cute Stuff for Babies

When I recommend the light blue and baby pink colors for babies’ toys, I am not being bias. They are just the right color for baby girls and boys. But did you know that pink is originally associated to the color of masculinity? Since it’s said to be a variation of red which is a masculine color, pink is used to be a color for the boys. And look at the guys right now, they rarely wear pink shirts. But real men wear pink shirts, right?

I am a fan of anything cute and pink! So even if I am buying something for me or for someone else, they usually come in pink color and pink gift wrapper. But for baby boys or those ages 3 and up, I let my boyfriend decide for their gifts. Last Christmas, we both toy cars and robots for them. But now I have a better idea! Personalized baby gifts can make both the baby and parents happy! It will be good to give them a try next time. Probably during kid’s birthdays or the next Christmas day.

Shopping for Toys

My boyfriend and I met up at Robinson’s Galleria last Friday to go shopping at Greenhills Shopping Centre. We also met up with his younger brother and then we had late lunch/early dinner at The Old Spaghetti House. After that, his brother parted ways with us while carrying the laptop and bag of Christmas goodies.

Then the two of us went to the toy shop to check out the items on sale. There are lots of people shopping and I can hear the continuous beep of the cashier’s barcode scanner. The cashier was also taking her time scanning each item purchased by a middle-aged woman. Maybe they are not using the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner for increase productivity. Well, I’m really not sure if what was taking her long was the barcode sticker or the barcode scanner. I did not pay much attention to other shoppers and just focused on looking for the best toys for the kids this Christmas.

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO): How Charitable Are You?

The CHILD Haus (Center for Health Improvement and Life Development) is a temporary shelter that provides free room and board to indigent patients from the provinces who have no place to stay in Manila while undergoing medical treatment. The house mostly admits children with cancer.

It is located inside the QI/PCSO compound in E. Rodriguez Ave in Quezon City. But with the PCSO’s transfer to their new offices in Roxas Boulevard, the shelter now finds itself in danger of being kicked out.

I had a glimpse of Umagang Kay Ganda earlier and Anthony Taberna’s Punto Por Punto caught my attention. The heated discussion is about (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) PCSO’s relocation from the Quezon Institute owned by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. in Quezon City to Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City. Among the highlights of the issue are the true reasons behind the office movement and their plans for the sick orphans. The temporary shelter in the PCSO compound is currently housing around 70 children with cancer and other illnesses together with their families.

For the record, the CHILD Haus was founded by the Ricky Reyes Foundation, supported by presidential daughter Evangeline “Luli” Arroy, PCSO themselves and other advocates. Now that the office has been relocated, will there be a special place for these kids, too?

According to PCSO Chairman Margarita Juico, they have accepted the offer of Mayor Herbert Bautista to locate their clinic at the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority compound behind the Quezon City Hall. They had also coordinated with Mayor Lim to rehabilitate an old building at the Ospital ng Maynila and turn it into PCSO clinic. Despite this careful consideration, former PCSO chairman Manuel Morato and the ever proactive people of the Philippines criticize the idea of moving to a new office. PNoy administration is also being questioned. Should it really be that way?

Well, it’s politics so what do you expect? Can these elected officials do something about this current issue! Anyway, I won’t bother posting about this topic if Kythe Foundation wasn’t mentioned. Since I have an ongoing campaign for this organization, I am happy to know that Kythe Child Life Program can make a difference. Yes, the if-ever abandoned kids can get support from Kythe.

Kythe Child Life Program

Kythe - healing through simple sharing and togetherness

Visit the Share and Care Club and lend a helping hand!

P.S. How about getting a portion from the current jackpot prize of PhP 334,984,975.20 in the Grand Lotto Draw to build a new home for these kids?