BlackBerry PlayBook: Keeping Things Amazing

What’s your pick among BlackBerry Torch, Storm, Curve, Bold and Pearl? I’ve been saying NO to QWERTY keypad but Torch seems to be torturing me.

With the different gadgets released last 2010, it may really be hard to keep up with the fast-paced technology. In terms of smartphones, I have to do a lot of catching up. Is BlackBerry PlayBook better than iPad?

BlackBerry Playbook

Breathtaking multimedia! (

Research In Motion (RIM) released the  9.7 mm thick tablet computer called BlackBerry PlayBook last September 27, 2010. It was known for breathtaking multimedia for HD video and display, rich audio quality and hard core gaming. It supports most of the portable BlackBerry applications and opens the doors to unlimited web experience with enable Adobe Flash and built-in HTML 5 support. It guarantees high-quality graphics and videos, plus the notable high-speed connections.

But still, Apple’s iPad competes with it’s zooming capabilities, battery life and few basic features such as connectivity and storage. It also offers optional iPad accessories like keyboard dockl, casing, and more.

Use Caution When Changing Cell-Phone Plans

For a while, people were adverse to the way cell phones began to dominate the telephonic market. However, because of their practicality, mobility and ease-of-use, cell phones have since become a technological staple. Without a cell phone, you might as well be invisible.

cellphone plan

Which one has the most affordable rate?

With the demand so high for this type of cellular practicality, the market has always been ripe for technology and providers. And like some of the best things in life, no good thing comes without its cost. For cell phones, it is not only the phone itself that makes ownership attractive, but the quality and affordability of the cell phone plan. Because phones these days are becomingly increasingly integrated, meaning they are also incorporating other technologies like e-mail, video, audio and Internet capabilities, the monthly cost of some of these cell phone plans has become, for some users, increasingly absurd.

Nobody should have to pay more than they need to in order to use their cell phones. Where some companies might not charge for mobile network time and access, others do. And while some cell phone providers offer great inter-network calling options, their mobile connection costs may be higher than other providers. Even others offer unlimited plans on both, though the monthly cost for this unlimited ability may outweigh the actual amount of time the user spends talking or browsing.

Fortunately there are websites and other services that exist to help you, the conscientious consumer, compare prices from different providers and find what cell phone plans work best for you. Using these services, you may find a new plan that offers exactly what plan you have, but at 25 percent less. The problem is, you’re only a year into your two-year contract. Do the math. If the cancellation fees for an aborted contract are more than what you would save by switching to a new plan, wait.

Can’t Wait to Have a Cherry Mobile!

I really want to have this one! Haha. Cherry mobile is my new addiction. I ended up browsing the different models all day, rather, all night.

Cherry Mobile


Hmmm. The QWERTY keypad does not appeal to me so I might go for C50 clamshell or C55! Gotta buy two! Haha!

It’s All About The Sentimental Value…

To be honest, I don’t know how to start this post. I am depressed, hopeless and sad. My Christmas did not turn out good, well… it was the worst and I don’t want to go into details. The second blow just happened earlier on our way to a birthday party. My bag got slashed and my phone and coin purse were stolen. It’s the same old feeling of losing items with great sentimental value… that familiar strong surge of emotions… That phone is not much of cash worth, that’s N3100 but it played a very important role in my current relationship, not just as a tool of communication but as a proof of our undying passion. That phone is a digital journal of my love life. I don’t want to go over the same litany again… notes, messages, notes, messages, notes, messages and all. I don’t want to, but I can’t help it. No words can comfort my aching heart. Nothing can make me feel better. No one.

Does God know the sandwich effect, too? I guess so. If He doesn’t want me to be lonely, then what do these things mean?! Gosh, I am not questioning the one above, my faith can’t be shattered. It’s just the turn of events leads me to hatred against mankind. I wanna curse those bad guys to death. This is not the first time that it happened to me. I lost my ASUS phone the same way on that same place. I am lucky though, I did not encounter those criminals face to face. I am always carrying a knife anyway.

Oh, the sandwich effect? Just before this incident, I was so happy for getting the first item on my Christmas Wishlist – laptop. Then boom! I lost the precious phone. Plus almost two thousand pesos of cash and USB drive on my coin purse. Ouch. Lesson learned. Coin purse is strictly for coins. Solely. Exclusively. I was having the most depressing moments of my life. I celebrated Christmas away from home, first Christmas without grandma, no grand celebration, no drinking of beers, no parties, just heartaches, headaches, nausea and more. Trust me, it’s the worst. And maybe, just maybe, the teddy bear I just received today is the consolation for all these negative feelings. *sigh* Extreme happiness then extreme loneliness then a little happiness. Nothing has been neutralized.

That’s the most I can share. There’s more but I ought to tell it only to someone.

They’re all gone… I’ll get used to it… but it will take time. T_T

By the way, I have uploaded the images of my “professionally-slashed” bag here.