Making a Car Last Longer

Car maintenance is necessary to make a vehicle long-lasting. Vehicles can be quite expensive to purchase so it is important to take good care of them. It is not a joke to have one:  it takes more than merely driving it. Know how to maintain your car right, so it can be with you for a number of satisfying years.

2009 Acura TL Base

2009 Acura TL Base

Since you invested and bought it with your hard-earned money, then it is only correct to make it last long. Here are some ways in order to do so:

  • Always clean your vehicle. Bring it to a car wash or wash it yourself. When you do it yourself, use the right shampoo and materials. Choose a good shampoo from the store, a soft sponge, chemoise and good tire block. Buying the best quality products will avoid scratching the paint or messing the exteriors of the vehicle. If you buy used cars from then you it is more likely to last longer with good quality.
  • Vacuum the interior of the vehicle to get rid of dust and dirt. Wash and scrub the floor mats also. Wipe the dashboard and other surfaces with a soft cloth.
  • When driving your vehicle, always make it a habit to stop by the gas station to have your tires check. This is to avoid flat tires and accidents from happening. Also, have them check your oil and water.
  • While you are there, have your windows cleaned, so you can have a clear and visible view while driving.
  • If you hear a sound that doesn’t sound right while driving the vehicle, bring it to your trusted mechanic because there might be a problem with the vehicle’s engine or other parts that needs check up or replacement.
  • Canvass on which shops have the best price for vehicle parts since it is not that cheap to buy them. Aim for good quality so you have the security you need when driving it.
  • When you decide to bring it to an out of town trip, it is better to bring it to the mechanic as well so he can check if it is good enough to drive. It is better safe than sorry.
  • Have the mechanic check the air conditioner, brake pads, wheel alignment or balance, wipers and other important parts of the vehicle, so that you can drive it safely every day.
  • If the vehicle have a lot of scratches already, have it repainted, so that it looks good even if it has been with you for a number of years already.
  • Use the right kind of gas:  if it is diesel or unleaded then use the same one. Avoid ruining your engine by doing otherwise.

These are just some tips to extend the life span of your vehicles. If you want to shop now for high-quality used cars, you may visit


Things To Consider When Choosing A Bike Rack For Your Car

It takes a bit of time choosing the right bike rack to put on your car. With so many varieties of bike racks being sold out there, it can be a difficult task. When picking a bike rack for your car, there are a number of important things which you need to consider such as:

  • Will You Be Bringing A Rental Car?  : Some racks are vehicle specific and the rack that you have at home may not fit the vehicle that you are renting. With a strap-on trunk carrier, you no longer have to worry about the kind of vehicle since it is not vehicle specific.
  • The Number of Bikes That Needs To Be Transported: Some racks can only hold one up to three bikes while some can hold more than one up to seven. A roof-mounted carrier has the advantage of carrying more than three bikes. A sedan for example can hold as many as four bikes while a van can secure up to seven bikes.
  • Security: There are racks which offer added security to your bike such as locks. A hitch-mounted carrier for example offers the advantage of conveniently securing a bike in its place.
  • Cost: The price of bike racks differ depending on the kind of rack in question. If you are on a tight budget then the standard strap-on rack is your best bet. On the other hand, if you have the cash to spare then you have the option to go for hitch-mounted carriers.

If you have plans on having a biking trip this coming weekend and you will bringing your SUV, then you can visit for suv bike racks. This should get you a good head start in picking a reliable bike rack for your car.

Car Engine Maintenance

Ariel Atom - Outrageous and Notorious Car

Ariel Atom - Engineering Masterpiece

Replacing the car fuel filter and fuel pump is not an easy task. While older cars have fuel pump attached to the engine or between the tank and the engine, new cars have fuel pump usually installed in the fuel tank. Pump attached to the frame rail or tank are electric pumps powered by car battery.

There are different reasons why engine performance become unstable. Clogged fuel injectors and defective pump are just few examples. To avoid damage on your engine, keep the fuel filter clean and have a regular maintenance schedule.

Sometimes, there will be a need for you to replace the fuel pump. If you are using SPI fuel pump, you must check the relays and fuses before changing it. Prior to removal, the built up fuel pressure must be released. Ensure that there are no leaking gas to avoid fire and other accidents. You can tehn disconnect the wires connected to the pump. After this, you will be able to successfully replace the fuel pump.

Best Way To Search One Way Car Rental Deals

One way car rentals offers huge benefits to its customers. The services of this one way car rental make the customers most convenient in dropping the vehicles at the locations nearest to their destinations. If you drop off the vehicle in one particular location, then the company will issue the booking to some other customer who wants a vehicle from that particular station. Persons who are traveling back to the car rental destination will be issued this vehicle and this process is cost effective. But it’s very crucial to get the best one way car rental deals in order to enjoy this service to the extreme. Online hunt allows you to get the good deals on one way car rentals as there are only few companies offering these services.

Some of the companies offering cheapest car rentals are the best to be visited in order to gain best deals. If you are regular client or a repeated customer of a specific car rental agency, then you may get the inexpensive car rental fare. However, all the people look to hire a car at cheapest fares whether it is a round trip or a one way trip. Some people want to have a drive all across the country and want to return home by flight. In such circumstances, one way car rentals will be the best option as they can tour around and can drop off the car at their ending destination of the tour. Have a comfortable tour through one way car rentals!!!

Your Car Is Like A Baby!

Most of my teammates are on vacation leave enjoying their local tours around the magnificent Philippine islands and cities. Anawangin, Bacolod, Palawan, and Boracay. Name it, every part of our country has tourist spots worth-visiting! And I want to see all of them.

Some places can be reached by driving. Of course there are other means of transportation but if one’s up for adventure, I believe bringing and driving his or her own car sounds great! I’ll buy my own car soon but what bothers me are the parking and car insurance rate. Is it that costly?

Honda Accord 2011

Guaranteed fuel efficiency and low emissions...

I’ve heard that having a car is like having a baby that you have to feed and take care of. The annual expenses is comparable to a mother of one kid. Isn’t it too early for me to raise a child? Haha. Ok then, I’ll buy a house first and then a car to settle everything.

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