Happy Holidays From Google

It is that time of the year again when people across the globe spend the evening with good cheers and merrymaking. Even though not all people recognize the primary significance of Christmas Eve, almost everyone around the world celebrates it. Today, the internet has made such an impact on how people live their everyday lives. Before, you would see people hanging outdoors however, nowadays; they are often at home glued to their social networking sites as well as other online activities to the point that some of them have already forgotten the meaning of Christmas.

Happy Holidays From Google

“Happy Holidays from Google on Christmas Eve”

This is where Google’s holiday greetings come in. Since people are mostly online most of the time, one reliable way of getting their attention and reminding them of the holidays is through a holiday greetings. And one of the most common pages that people check every day is Google so what better way to remind them of the spirit of Christmas than by putting up a Google Doodle. For the past couple of years, Google Doodles have been produced to let the world know of the birthdays of various historical personalities such as Ada Lovelace, Bram Stoker, John Lennon, Robert Moog, Freddie Mercury and more. And they are there to stay.

Happy Holidays From Google

“Google’s Holiday Greetings on the 25th”

Today, Google takes the opportunity to give us their holiday greetings, and as a sign of their participation in the world’s wish to have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

The 200th Anniversary of Brothers Grimm

If you are familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood or if you enjoyed watching a couple of Disney’s famous animated movies like Beauty and the Beast and or Sleeping Beauty then you have to thank the brothers Grimm for that. Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm were of German decent and are both very talented individuals. But they are both famous for their collection of German folklore which was originally dubbed as “Children’s and Household Tales” which were later known as “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”.
The 200th Anniversary of Brothers Grimm

The 200th Anniversary of Brothers Grimm

In their time and even up until today, they are known for their well-written European folktales that there was even a movie dedicated to them entitled “The Brothers Grimm”. Furthermore, their stories has survived a long way with a couple of their stories being made into movies one by one such as Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel this coming 2013. Today, their stories have become available in more than one hundred translations and were even used as propaganda by Third Reich around the mid-twentieth century. There is also a fantasy drama aired in NBC entitled “Grimm”.

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm was born on January 4th in the year 1785 who was thirteen months older than his younger brother, Wilhelm Carl Grimm who was born on February 24th, in the year 1786.  They were born in Hanau, Germany, to Philipp Wilhelm Grimm who was a jurist, and Dorothea Grimm, a nee Zimmer, who was a daughter of a Kassel city councilman. Sadly, Wilhelm died because of an infection in Berlin in the year 1895 and this caused his brother, Jacob, to be really depressed to the point that he avoided most social interactions and died in the year 1863.

Who is Auguste Rodin?

Google has once again, changed its design to commemorate Auguste Rodin’s one hundred seventy second birthday. You may be wondering who Auguste Rodin is but if you are familiar with various art forms, particularly the statue called “The Thinker”, then you should know that it is one of his most recognized sculptures.

Who is Auguste Rodin?

Happy 172nd Birthday Auguste Rodin!

Generally speaking, Rodin is considered as the person who started modern sculpture. He was born in the year 1840. Though he wasn’t able to get in Paris’ foremost school of art, he eventually became popular thanks to his modern designs. One of the things which sets him apart from the common sculptor is that he has an exceptional ability of being able to model a complex, turbulent and deeply pocketed surface into clay.

Though a number of people frown upon his works, he continued creating works of art until eventually, the government took notice of it. And as time passed by, his reputation grew until the year 1900s where he was later recognized across the globe for being one of the most prominent French sculptor to date. He got married with Rose Beuret who was his lifelong partner. Unfortunately, after his death in the year 1917, his works suffered a decline but then again, it did not take long before his works became a legacy.

Advantages Of Setting Up A Blog

Blogs have grown popular these days that people have considered it as a form of social media. Furthermore, a lot of people are slowly realizing the advantages of having a blog set up such as:

Easy And Convenient: In this day and age, most people are glued to their computers and often do not have the time to write on paper. However, blogging can serve as a means to express your thoughts and ideas similar to writing a diary. As long as you know how to write online then blogging various contents should pose no problem.

Blogs Can Easily Be Established: You can set up a blog in less than an hour or so through the many free blogging services available online. And if you are tech-savvy, cut that hour in half. In fact, it can even be done in just a couple of minutes. However, if you will be hosting your own blog or domain then it may take a bit longer than usual.

Blogs Can Easily Be Searched Online: You would be surprised to know that blogs are easily searched online. You do not have to be a genius to look for a blog online and most blog software often takes care of the hard part like search engine optimization basics.

Organized: Blogs are built to be organized. It is not anywhere the scenario wherein you will have to look for particular paraphernalia in a sea of crumpled papers. Blogs automatically organize your content by category, tags, date. In addition, it includes a built in search in case you are looking for a specific blog post in times where you no longer remember the date of a particular content.

And these are but a few advantages of blogging and the truth is, blogging offers far more than these. You can even earn from your blogs! If you think that you are interested for a blogdive, it would be best to start researching online.

Major Changes in the Blogosphere

Hello folks!

My blogs are still alive and so do I!

SWORD just transferred to a new host, that’s big thanks to Sam! Painless! Haha. At least for me.

Since I have access to this blog now, I am revamping the sidebar content. The recent changes in the blogosphere also call for bloggers action. Adgitize just closed down and Shoutmix free plan is no longer available. With this, I have to remove Adgitize and Shoutmix widgets from my blogs. I am also looking for a chat box alternative.

I have so much to blog here but I have to save some for my other blogs. LOL. Anyway, please stay tuned for more helpful posts. Aside from being online most of the time, I am also busy reading books and watching anime. I wish I can do book and anime reviews soon.


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