Happy Holidays From Google


It is that time of the year again when people across the globe spend the evening with good cheers and merrymaking. Even though not all people recognize the primary significance of Christmas Eve, almost everyone around the world celebrates it. …

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The 200th Anniversary of Brothers Grimm


If you are familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood or if you enjoyed watching a couple of Disney’s famous animated movies like Beauty and the Beast and or Sleeping Beauty then you have to thank the brothers …

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Who is Auguste Rodin?


Google has once again, changed its design to commemorate Auguste Rodin’s one hundred seventy second birthday. You may be wondering who Auguste Rodin is but if you are familiar with various art forms, particularly the statue called “The Thinker”, then …

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Advantages Of Setting Up A Blog

Blogs have grown popular these days that people have considered it as a form of social media. Furthermore, a lot of people are slowly realizing the advantages of having a blog set up such as: • Easy And Convenient: In …

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Major Changes in the Blogosphere

Hello folks! My blogs are still alive and so do I! SWORD just transferred to a new host, that’s big thanks to Sam! Painless! Haha. At least for me. Since I have access to this blog now, I am revamping …

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