The Importance Of Golf Ball Logos

Most golf ball logos are used for corporate branding. It may seem trivial to the average individual but this symbols are used as a means of building and establishing a healthy business relationship between you and the people who enjoy golf as their past time. There are a couple of printing methods which are utilized when printing a logo on a golf ball.

  • Single Logo: This uses the finest colors and details to be printed on the ball within the 7/8” circle. This is perhaps the most straight-forward and simplest approach in branding the golf ball. Plus, it is more affordable.
  • Double Imprinting: Unlike the single logo, double imprinting is about printing the logo on both sides of the golf ball. So however you turn the ball, you will definitely see its logo. Furthermore, two different logos can be printed on it or two same logos. However, since this takes a bit more effort, it often costs more.

If you own a business and you plan to send your goodwill greetings to a partner company, the minimum order that you can for would be eight to ten dozen of golf balls. A golf ball logo bears a lot of weight in terms of friendship between neighboring companies. However, if you will be using these balls for tournament purposes, it would be best to consult the tournament sponsors if they approve of the actual logos before having them printed on the golf ball.

Pacquiao VS Bradley: WBO Welterweight Championship

Have you watched their boxing match? Are you excited about their rematch? Rematch?! Probably not since most people are very frustrated about the result. Some even said that they don’t want a REMATCH but a REVIEW. Well, as much as I wanted to sympathize with Pacquiao fans, I really don’t know how to react about this especially that I didn’t watch the Pacquio-Bradley fight. All I’m seeing are snapshots circulating through Facebook and other social network saying that Pacquiao should be the winner. Here are some of them:

Pacquiao VS Bradley
Manny Pacquiao Lost Against Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley is the new WBO welterweight champion but look at him after the match during press interview:

Bradley is Loser

I’m not a boxing analyst or sport experts here. Rather, I’m a Filipino who’s proud about Pacman. Win or lose, he’s the Philippine’s champion. Here’s another photo worth-sharing:

Pacquio Should be the Winner

A red-eyed Manny Pacquiao tells Mario Lopez "I believe I won the fight!"

Pacquiao did his best and even if he believes he won, he still respects the decision. Of course we can’t blame others for being disappointed about it.

Here’s a compilation of some tweets from Philippine TV Ratings fan page (click the image to enlarge):

PacBradley Trending in Twitter

More negative reactions on Twitter! My Twitter account and Facebook wall were both flooded with retweets, updates and reactions.

Football Trophies

American football has been a long-time favorite of people in the United States and is different from other football games like soccer and rugby. Like basketball, playing the exciting sports requires a team of eleven. The objective of the game is to score as much points by getting the ball in the enemy’s end zone. This can be done through passing the ball to a teammate or kicking it between different goal posts.

As time went by, various changes have been adapted since the game had a reputation of being dangerous. This is one of the reasons why football players wear helmets and other protective gears. It was around 1920s that professional league games have been organized and on 1922, the National Football League or more popularly known as NFL was eventually formed.
Like other sports, American Football also rewards elegant trophies for the victor rather than medals. These trophies can either be ordered online or be brought from the manufacturer’s warehouse though there are decent designs which can also be bought from sports shops. The most common theme that football trophies have is a sculpted footballer with a ball at his feet. If you are the person assigned to get the trophy, you are free to design your fantasy football trophies in any way that you wish as long as the theme is present.

Football Trophies

Most football trophies have the sculpted figure made out of metal or alloy which is mounted securely on the wooden base where the engravings are. These days, the figure is often made out of lighter material like acrylic and sometimes crystal to make it appear more sophisticated. And the good thing about these models is that they are far more affordable than the metallic ones. American football has changed a lot during the passing of time and even victory now looks better and lighter.

Pick Your Running Shoes

I have friends who are fond of fun run and some of them are actually collecting singlet. It’s so nice to know that they are running not just for their own health or welfare but they are also supporting the endeavors of the main event.

Have you tried joining the fun run? How far can you run? I haven’t. I think the first thing I have to do is to buy a good running shoes like Reebok Zig and start looking for upcoming fun run. Condura Skyway Marathon is the current talk of the town. In fact, some of my officemates have registered already and will be running for this event.

Reebok Zig Running Shoes

Shoes for the boys!

Condura Run 2011 is scheduled on February 6, 2011!

Not the Sporty Type of Girl

Sometimes, being idle is disgusting. It’s not that I hate idle moments, in fact, I miss it. I’ve been living a very busy life ever since I started working. Now that I’m soon to be off from work (meaning free from office burdens), I am thinking of something else to do. Not a workload, solely for recreational purposes.

I used to be active in our badminton session in my previous company and where I am employed right now. But due to change in our office location and schedule, I miss playing. I am not a pro-badminton player but hitting the shuttle cock makes me happy. Exuberant. Overwhelmed. I love this physical activity because it gives me all the time to be with some of my friends and to stretch some muscles (if I have any). I am not the sporty type, mind you. But I love going out with them. There are other sports I would like to try such as golf, scuba diving, parasailing, wall climbing and maybe more extreme sports! :)

Hey, it’s almost Valentine and your friends might be expecting something from you. If she’s a golfer, go for personalized golf gifts for her. Surely, it can make her happier and more inspired to play.

Woman Golfer

Let her play all day...