Tips When Taking Pictures While Hunting a Deer With Your Trail Camera

There are a number of things that you may want to take note of when trying to take trail pictures such as:

Food Attractants: Bring food and mineral attractants that are allowed to be brought for the purposes of hunting a dear. It will make any deer turn around and pause to take notice of the food’s smell, giving you enough time to take pictures of it.

Liquid Attractants: One strategy is to pour liquid attractants on logs or logs. This increases the chances of a deer staying to savor the scent on the logs and or stumps. This will give you more time to take a good shot using your Hunting Camera.

Water: If you do not have any attractants with you, simply putting water in a good spot will surely get you a deer on your camera’s sight especially during hotter months wherein a deer is likely to thirst fast.

Lanes: Make sure that you create a lane across your camera’s sight. Make sure to consider vegetation in the vicinity which would be blown by the wind. Doing so increases the chances of a clear shot for your camera.

Taking shots in the woods is a great experience and having the right tools and being at the right place will make it convenient.

Tips When Picking A Riding Helmet

One of the most important gears that an equestrian should have is a riding helmet. If you are planning to buy a riding helmet soon, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

Colors: Pick a riding helmet having a light color than a bright one. Riding helmets having a lighter color will keep you cooler than the bright ones.

Equi-Lite DFS Helmet in Fashion Colors

Pick A Horse-Riding Helmet: Refrain from using a used riding helmet and make sure that you are buying one specifically designed for horseback riding rather than motorcycle riding. If for example you recently had a fall and the helmet got damaged, replace it as soon as possible with a new one. Even if the helmet seems to appear fine or undamaged. Remember that these helmets are designed to absorb the shock in cases wherein you fall off your horse.

Pick a Secure Helmet: When choosing riding helmets, choose a helmet which is a closer fit to your head rather than a loose fit. So when you are riding your horse make sure that you secure your helmet on your head because you cannot afford to have it fall while you are riding on a horse. Expect a lot of bump and rigorous motion as you ride on your horse so if the riding helmet is not firmly locked on your head, it will easily fall off and it will lose its effectiveness.

You cannot just pick a random helmet and put it on your head. It does not work that way. You will just be endangering your life by doing so. When riding on horseback, make sure that you secure everything for your own safety.

The Importance Of Golf Ball Logos

Most golf ball logos are used for corporate branding. It may seem trivial to the average individual but this symbols are used as a means of building and establishing a healthy business relationship between you and the people who enjoy golf as their past time. There are a couple of printing methods which are utilized when printing a logo on a golf ball.

  • Single Logo: This uses the finest colors and details to be printed on the ball within the 7/8” circle. This is perhaps the most straight-forward and simplest approach in branding the golf ball. Plus, it is more affordable.
  • Double Imprinting: Unlike the single logo, double imprinting is about printing the logo on both sides of the golf ball. So however you turn the ball, you will definitely see its logo. Furthermore, two different logos can be printed on it or two same logos. However, since this takes a bit more effort, it often costs more.

If you own a business and you plan to send your goodwill greetings to a partner company, the minimum order that you can for would be eight to ten dozen of golf balls. A golf ball logo bears a lot of weight in terms of friendship between neighboring companies. However, if you will be using these balls for tournament purposes, it would be best to consult the tournament sponsors if they approve of the actual logos before having them printed on the golf ball.

Why Wearing Motorcycle Helmets Is Important

Life is very unpredictable especially when you are on the road. You will never know what may happen while you are riding your bike or driving your car. And this is not being pessimistic but rather, it is just being realistic and careful. The news says it all. Accidents happen while people are on the road. That is why car companies continue to manufacture cars with built-in emergency defense mechanisms. That is why the Global Position System or GPS was invented, to help people on the road find an easier way towards their destination. This also helps to keep them safe from accidents which may have already taken place. That is why they always remind people not to drink while driving.

The same is true when riding motorcycles. Helmets are important to keep your head safe in those unfortunate events where you lose control of your bike and or you accidentally got hit by a swerving car, causing you to topple off your bike. Though you may end up rolling on the streets, at least if you were wearing some sort of special motorcycle helmet like Akuma or sparx motorcycle Helmets then chances are, you would still live to tell the tale. It is frightening to see some bikers around us not having a single care in the world how vulnerable their heads are that they refuse to wear helmets.

sparx motorcycle Helmets

And the only time that they will realize the importance of a motorcycle helmet is if they have lived to tell the tale, after coming from an accident. Again, this is not being negative but just being careful. The fact is, bikers are more prone to road accidents than cars since they are a lot smaller. Not to mention the fact that there is a majority of people who prefer driving their family to restaurants and or to some amusement park nearby. And there are people who are forced to work as truckers who deliver goods from one locale to another. It is hard to imagine truckers ending up squashed if it squared off against a motorcycle or motorcycles destroying that limousine after playing chicken.

But if you follow people’s advice to wear your motorcycle helmet, even if it is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head, then you are probably better off with someone who did not bother wearing a helmet at all. And maybe you may want to wear those kneecaps and elbow caps as well just to be on the safe side.

Earth Hour + Alodia’s Birthday Bash

It was late in the afternoon when my boyfriend and I decided to meet up with his cousin (Geym) and check out the ToyCon at Robinson’s Manila. Unfortunately, it took us so long to prep up and reach his cousin’s place. We also bought some fruits for Geym’s mom which took us some time.

In the end, we all decided to go to SM North Edsa instead of Robinson Manila. While checking out some iPad cases in CyberZone, we happened to see Alodia Gosiengfiao and her fans by the event area. Her birthday bash was already over by the time we came. We managed to take some photos though. Thanks to Geym for adjusting my DSLR manual settings and taking some photos for us.

Alodia Gosiengfiao (as Lina Inverse of DOTA)

Alodia Gosiengfiao (as Lina Inverse of DOTA) waving goodbye to her fans

Next stop was at Toy Kingdom. We just keep fooling around while Geym check out the toys. Then Earth Hour came.

Earth Hour @ SM North Edsa

Earth Hour @ SM North Edsa (Photo by Michael Uy)

Nothing so special about it except some lighted candles. Lol.

Some lights were still on and we managed to shop for flip flops at the SM department store. We were about to have dinner at Kangaroo Jack just when the restaurant closed. Too bad. We ended up eating at KBOP, Korean resto. I’ll blog about the food @

That’s it for now!