Happy Mother’s Day!

Google has something for all the mom out there!

Happy Mother's Day

Cute animated Google Doodle! I wish my mom can see that one, too!

I’m away from home so I can just greet her via phone and Facebook. I also greeted my ninang (godmother, my mom’s younger sister) because she’s also like a real mother to me. And though grandma is no longer here, she still deserves heartfelt greetings from our family.

Mother's Day

I took this family picture so I wasn't in the photo. Lol.

Inay, ninang, lola, and to all the great moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day! Every mom is the best mother for her children so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Wedding Favors

I hope the guests from Mike and Zol’s wedding enjoyed the chocolates. I’m talking about the wedding favors that my family prepared for my bestfriend’s (Zol) wedding.

Wedding Favors - Bottled Chocolates

Bottled Chocolates for Giveaway

She got married last April 15, 2012 and I was her maid of honor. I got no wedding photos to share yet but I’ll post some as soon as they are available. I’ll probably wait for my bestfriend to tag me on the photos. Hehe.

Alright, back to the wedding favors… They’re cute and simple, right? Here are the materials used:

  • Clear bottles with stopper
  • Laces, ribbons, beads
  • Photo stickers
  • Glue stick and glue gun
  • Chocolate, mallows or anything you want to fill the bottles
  • Cute pouch

You just have to be creative in designing the bottles. You may use beads or buttons for accents and tie the bottle rim with ribbons and laces. Then keep adding details… You can do lots of things with plain-looking bottles!

Empty Bottles - DIY Wedding Favors


Answered Prayers

This world is full of blessings and surprises! I won’t get tired of praying for God is listening. Always.

I’ve been worried about different things for a while now. Some are family matters while others are mundane stuff. And when I’m confused, I always pray. Silent prayer, that is. I don’t usually pray for miracle… I pray for help and guidance.

And of all the people I’m praying about, I’m praying hard for my brother. May God lead him to the right path. Sometimes, I can’t stand the peer pressure of his “barkada”. But I still feel relieved that I was able to talk to him before I left Batangas. I just gave him some reminders. I’m not the nagger type. Being the eldest in the family of six children, I’ve learned how to raise my siblings along with my parents. And I will always be the best “ate” for them!

Right now, I’m so happy to see some progress. There are also lots of things that make me happier. And I’m so thankful for everything.

More blessing to all of us!

Post-Christmas Fulfillment

I spent my Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. Everything went out as planned. Then I’ll be with my own family on the New Year’s eve while he’ll just drop by the next morning. Cool arrangement! Sweet!

I think this is the simplest Christmas celebration we ever had. One of the saddest, too. We started off with prayers on the 24th since it was his mom’s 40th day of passing. I missed his mom. Of course we all do.

After a short family gathering, we attended the 8PM mass. We headed home after that and waited for the clock to strike at 12. Noche Buena was kinda different without her mom who usually greeted us cheerfully before anybody does.

We received lots of greetings from other people through SMS and Facebook. And just before we sleep, we watched few more anime.

Here come’s the tiring part… Christmas is over so it’s time for general cleaning!

We changed curtains and bed sheets, wiped out dirt from ceiling and mopped the floor, cleaned electric fans, rearrange things and do lots of household chores. Pretty exhausting! And as we moved the bed around the room to clean each corner and the underneath, we found lots of stuff that we’ve never seen before. Rather, the things they have been looking for. Old shoes, Playstation, drawing materials, dividers, etc. There are also lots of collectible items that have been boxed such as books, anime cards and gashapon. I wonder if one of the family members is also into collecting custom challenge coins. All I know is that her mom has a great collection of mail stamps.

Box full or surprises

Keeping things in order...

We threw away some of the things that they’ll no longer need. This happens a lot when you do general cleaning. You tend to find old but interest stuff… and as you keep cleaning, it becomes tiresome.

But it was so fulfilling to see a clean and organized room! Now that everything’s in the right place, it’s time for anime marathon!

Losing is Gaining…

Losing is Gaining - Losing a Loved One

You won't be forgotten...

The great advantage of having nothing is that everything becomes a gain.

Losing everything is at the same time the scariest, as well as the most liberating experience you can have. When you have something, – anything, you’ve got to protect it from disappearing. And so worry becomes a resident in your heart. When you’ve got nothing, your heart overflows with gratitude for every offering you receive.

And just when I was contemplating about our recent loss – the death of my boyfriend’s mom whom I’ve learned to call “Mommy” (for she was like a second mom to me), I remember the above-mentioned facts. Indeed, I’m very blessed.

Thank you Mommy… and may you rest in eternal peace.