Google Doodle Celebrates Philippine Independence Day 2012

The Philippine flag grace over the Google search page today:

Independence Day (Philippines)

This reminds me of the Philippine History as one of my school subjects. Hmmm. I miss going to school not to mention that there’s no classes during Independence Day (June 12) because it’s an official holiday! Haha.

Anyway, I can’t recall much of our history so feel free to browse Wikipedia or other online resources for a good read. :)

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! (Happy Independence Day!)


  1. Happy Independence Day! we have the same post ;)

  2. This was the first thing that greeted me this morning when I opened my Chrome. :)

  3. nice naman ynag google doodle. Happy Independence Day to all!

  4. that was nice of Google to doodle our celebration of Independence day. :)
    too bad i missed seeing this that day. :(

  5. I was also thrilled to see this! Nakakataba ng puso. Thanks, Google!

  6. That logo is simply inspiring. I love it!:)

  7. Cool doodle!

    I feel I need to be re-acquainted with our history. Somehow, what I learned in school is not enough…I’d like a deeper understanding.

  8. i also liked this one…. i actually look forward to seeing what google have during special days… :D

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