Securing Your Future With Gold Bullion

susan b anthony dollars  Most people these days particularly businessmen have learned the importance of investing in gold through buying gold bullions. And the fact is that you can definitely secure your savings through this method since they are stable and profitable. The reason being that the value of gold continues to gradually increase as years pass is that gold supplies are becoming limited. Some even say that a number of gold miners are hoarding some of the best gold to themselves so that the supply will decrease causing the value to increase as well as the demand.

If you are unfamiliar to what gold bullion is, it is basically gold in coin or bar form. However, these gold bullions can also be part of jewelries. The term “bullion” refers to “stamped and refined weight of precious metal”. The great thing about investing in gold bullion is that its value is closer to the price of gold if you are going to sell in the market unlike jewelry. So if you plan on investing on something, you can never go wrong with putting your money on the purchase of gold coins or small gold bars. Just keep them and in due time, they will definitely rise in value and that Susan b Anthony coin may end up being worth a fortune after a couple of years from now.

The Importance Of Golf Ball Logos

Most golf ball logos are used for corporate branding. It may seem trivial to the average individual but this symbols are used as a means of building and establishing a healthy business relationship between you and the people who enjoy golf as their past time. There are a couple of printing methods which are utilized when printing a logo on a golf ball.

  • Single Logo: This uses the finest colors and details to be printed on the ball within the 7/8” circle. This is perhaps the most straight-forward and simplest approach in branding the golf ball. Plus, it is more affordable.
  • Double Imprinting: Unlike the single logo, double imprinting is about printing the logo on both sides of the golf ball. So however you turn the ball, you will definitely see its logo. Furthermore, two different logos can be printed on it or two same logos. However, since this takes a bit more effort, it often costs more.

If you own a business and you plan to send your goodwill greetings to a partner company, the minimum order that you can for would be eight to ten dozen of golf balls. A golf ball logo bears a lot of weight in terms of friendship between neighboring companies. However, if you will be using these balls for tournament purposes, it would be best to consult the tournament sponsors if they approve of the actual logos before having them printed on the golf ball.

Engagement Rings – Important Factors When Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of your everlasting commitment to the partner whom you have chosen to be with. In most cultures, engagement rings are given to your fiancé while proposing to her at the same time.

Engagement Rings

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When choosing an engagement ring to give to your beloved, there are a number of things which you need to consider:

  • Material: Engagement rings are representation of your love to your fiancé. It also serves as a declaration that you are already betrothed to someone. As such, it is important that you pick a ring with a very durable material. A ring that will last as long as your love does. Materials like gold, silver, diamond rings are common options although the final decision often depends on the affordability of the ring.
  • Decorations: Most rings are embroidered with various precious jewels such as jade, diamonds and many more. In addition to jewels, you may also choose to put engravings on it such as your vows of love or your partner’s name on it.
  • The Dealer: You should also refrain from buying engagement rings from unfamiliar shops even though they offer the ring for a more affordable price. This does not mean that the quality is good and you would not want to give an engagement ring to your would-be wife which would quickly corrode in just a couple of months. Another thing that you have to consider is that if the ring is pre-designed then you are better off buying this from reputable dealers. Some cunning dealers would sell the ring and the decorations on it separately just to earn more. Honest jewelers would rather give you a more realistic price since he would not want to ruin his reputation. Furthermore, he would prefer that you pick him again for his services, especially during the wedding day itself.

You should know that picking an engagement ring is not a one day decision. Do not be afraid to take time in looking for the best and suitable one for your beloved. Besides, you would not want to give your wife-to-be a second rate ring especially if you could afford it, right?

Google Doodle Celebrates Philippine Independence Day 2012

The Philippine flag grace over the Google search page today:

Independence Day (Philippines)

This reminds me of the Philippine History as one of my school subjects. Hmmm. I miss going to school not to mention that there’s no classes during Independence Day (June 12) because it’s an official holiday! Haha.

Anyway, I can’t recall much of our history so feel free to browse Wikipedia or other online resources for a good read. :)

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan! (Happy Independence Day!)

Pacquiao VS Bradley: WBO Welterweight Championship

Have you watched their boxing match? Are you excited about their rematch? Rematch?! Probably not since most people are very frustrated about the result. Some even said that they don’t want a REMATCH but a REVIEW. Well, as much as I wanted to sympathize with Pacquiao fans, I really don’t know how to react about this especially that I didn’t watch the Pacquio-Bradley fight. All I’m seeing are snapshots circulating through Facebook and other social network saying that Pacquiao should be the winner. Here are some of them:

Pacquiao VS Bradley
Manny Pacquiao Lost Against Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley is the new WBO welterweight champion but look at him after the match during press interview:

Bradley is Loser

I’m not a boxing analyst or sport experts here. Rather, I’m a Filipino who’s proud about Pacman. Win or lose, he’s the Philippine’s champion. Here’s another photo worth-sharing:

Pacquio Should be the Winner

A red-eyed Manny Pacquiao tells Mario Lopez "I believe I won the fight!"

Pacquiao did his best and even if he believes he won, he still respects the decision. Of course we can’t blame others for being disappointed about it.

Here’s a compilation of some tweets from Philippine TV Ratings fan page (click the image to enlarge):

PacBradley Trending in Twitter

More negative reactions on Twitter! My Twitter account and Facebook wall were both flooded with retweets, updates and reactions.