What Are Urbane Scrubs?

Urbane scrubs are the latest design in the uniform scrubs category. They serve as a new style for the various health care professional. They come in bold colors in all sizes. What is becoming popular about urbane scrubs is the shoes which complements them. They are made to keep the rushing medical professional from slipping which does not sacrifice the classiness of the shoe. These shoes are available for both genders and from sizes four to twelve and with twelve colors to choose from.

Urbane Scrubs - Crossover Top

Tailored Crossover Top

For women in particular, they can enjoy wearing the Mule from Urbane. It has breathable mesh upper and rubber outsoles which offer comfort. With most people in the medical field having their own scrub suits, Urbane has grown to be recognized as the brand which offers not only the reliable quality of the uniform but also the fashion sense in it. Another great thing about the suits is that they are easy to launder. Stains are quickly removed provided that a reliable stain remover is used to wash the clothes.

Overall, urbane scrubs have revolutionized how the medical professional looks like. No longer is fashion limited to the other part of the industry and even hospital employees get to say something about their personal fashion statement.

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6 Responses to What Are Urbane Scrubs?

  1. claire says:

    This is a nice new design for those health care professionals. I will tell my sister about this. Thanks!

  2. If I were in the medical field, I would love this! :D

  3. chrisair says:

    I like their design, really comfortable to wear also

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