The Hundred Islands Summer Trip

I should have written my experience about this summer trip right after returning here in Manila but been busy with lots of stuff. Even right now, I believe I don’t have the luxury of time to blog about this since I still have some pending online tasks. Nonetheless, I have to update this post once and for all!

It’s big thanks to my friends (Ice, Patty, Ed, Mae Ann, Bebe, & Hai) for inviting me to join this Hundred Island escapade.

We booked a trip for April 4, 2012 11:55PM but for some reason, the bus left after 12MN. Talk about the holiday rush and some related issues. By 7AM the next day, we’re already at Islandia Hotel, Alaminos City, Pangasinan but we’re not yet allowed to check in for we were so early! Lol. Good thing that the manager was there. He accommodated our request of checking in with our baggages only. And to make up for that, we had breakfast at their resto. Tocino and hot coffee for me!

Breakfast at Islandia

Breakfast at Islandia Hotel - Patty, Liz (yours truly) & Mae Ann (Bebe, Hai, & Ice were at the opposite side; Ed took this pic)

Islandia Hotel - Coffee for Breakfast

Islandia Hotel - Tocino for Breakfast

We had a quick city tour after breakfast and we were disappointed to know that the malls weren’t going to open despite the long wait. It’s Maundy Thursday and the malls are obviously closed. We just headed back to the hotel and formally checked in. Then we spent some time at the swimming pool while enjoying calamares and sweet fried potato.

Islandia Hotel Swimming Pool

Swimming at Islandia Hotel Pool

We had our late lunch/early dinner at Maxine’s Rendevous in Lucap. We truly enjoyed the big serving of seafood platter! We were all so full and super happy with what we ate. Haha. Epic!

Seafood Platter @ Maxine's Restaurant

Enjoying Seafood Platter at Maxine's Rendezvous

Happy at Maxine's Restaurant by the Sea

Maxine's Rendezvous - Sunset

Once we’re back to our hotel room, everyone’s busy with their own gadgets. And they seem to be having fun with Draw Something!

Friday came and we had to leave early so we were in a hurry for breakfast. Our boating schedule was 7:00 AM but we had it moved to 7:30 AM. There were lots of people at Hundred Islands Tourism office but we skipped the long queue since Mae Ann has booked the boating + packed lunch package for all of us.

It was really scorching hot outside while waiting for our boat!

Hundred Islands - Waiting for the boat

Once the boatman and his assistant were ready, we rode the boat and off we sail!

Hundred Islands Boating

I kept taking pictures of the islands and it was my first real sea adventure. I was actually afraid of boating since I can’t swim and I really fear drowning.

Governor's Island - Hundred Islands Philippines

Our first stop over was at Governor’s Island. We climbed up to see the full view of the island and we’re all sweaty and tired by the time we reached the top.

Governor's Island Climb

We also explored the man-made cave nearby but we couldn’t stay that long inside since it was extremely hot! Too hard to breathe!

Man Made Cave in Hundred Islands

We continued with our island hopping and I lost track of the islands we’ve visited. All I can remember is the first and last islands which are Governor’s Island and Martha Island respectively.

Hundred Islands while Boating

Shots in Hundred Islands
Hundred Islands Rocks
Hundred Islands Cave-like Island
Hundred Islands Caves

 Hundred Islands, Pampanga

I can’t even remember where we had lunch. All I know is that we ate our packed lunch on one of the many islands after finding a perfect shade. We met a funny guy out there who befriended Kuya Hai. He was an interesting guy who offered us fresh seaweeds (& Ice gladly grabbed some) and let Kuya Hai drink some liquor with them. Haha.

Hundred Islands Seaweeds

While they were so excited to swim and snorkel, I wasn’t. So they let me try even if I was too scared and having a hard time. I had a quick good peek of underwater with little fishes and corals. I’ve got some bruises in return. With the help of life vest, I was able to make my way from the edgy spots of corals to the shore. Whew! Of course I didn’t learn swimming but I did overcome my fear. They told me that as long as I’m wearing the lifevest and I keep my arms moving and my feet kicking, I’ll get somewhere and I shouldn’t be afraid.

Hundred Islands - Island Hopping

Hundred Islands - Island Hopping 2

On the next island, I decided not to join them in swimming anymore. My legs where too tired and I wanted to take more photos. And I’ve got good shots of them fooling around:

Having Fun in Hundred Islands

Can you guess what happened?

We all had a good laugh with what Kuya Hai did. After persuading/apologizing to Ice, they’re back to swimming. Mae Ann and I were left behind.

Island Hopping at Hundred Islands

Island Hopping in Hundred Islands 2
Back from Swimming - Hundred Islands
Once they’re all back and just lying on the shore, we had a funny conversation. We talked about different things such as the government, marriage, getting pregnant, and some adult stuff. LOL @ Mae Ann.

That was the last stop then we left the Hundred Islands. Some of us went swimming at the pool once we’re back at the hotel. We’re waiting for our turn in the shower anyway so better play at the pool first.

We had halo halo after shower but I’m quite disappointed with the serving. :( And they felt the same thing.
Halo Halo Time at Islandia Hotel

Not picture-worthy but I still tried:

Not so special halo halo in Islandia Hotel

We all took a nap after that and it was dinner time when we woke up. Mae Ann’s treat and it’s a second round of Maxine’s Rendezvous!

This time, we talked about work and more on interview tips. Of course we’re having fun while eating and the next thing we know, we’re all done!

So goodbye, Maxines! ’til next time! I wish to be back here for a date… and probably with sexier outfit than this one. Hahaha.

Sexy Lizzie at Maxine's Rendezvous

We left Alaminos, Pangasinan at 2PM the next day and we’re back to Manila by 9PM.

I really enjoyed this trip! Thanks guys!

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36 Responses to The Hundred Islands Summer Trip

  1. oh i wanna go t that place, it looks so beautiful! looks like you all had fun!

  2. Patty says:

    I enjoyed the trip because of you guys. But i didn’t really enjoy the place… maybe because I was expecting more… and I was so excited for you to go snorkeling and feed the fish but that didn’t happen. :( no snorkeling and not a lot of colorful fishes.

    We’re planning a Puerto prinsesa – el nido trip… wanna join? LOL… that’s next year though.

    • Liz says:

      You better review the hotel, Patty! As for snorkeling, maybe you’re expecting a lot because you had a handful experience already. Lol. Let me think about that Puerto Princesa trip. :)

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  4. pamtubana says:

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! i love all of your photos! And i also want to visit hundred islands as weeeell! eeeeeeh! how much did you spend for the whole trip? :)

  5. Sarah says:

    someday, i will visit hundred islands! and by the way, i love your pink floral outfit!:)

  6. claire says:

    My sister-in-law and her daughter also went there. They had a great trip too.

  7. Camz says:

    I visited Hundred Islands a few years back and it’s one of my favorite vacations ever. Nag overnight kami sa Gov’s island. Walang kuryente! Hahaha super hot and medyo malamok. Pero worth it. Enjoy sobra. :)

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  9. tess says:

    Ang sarap nung mga pagkain on top of the banana leaves at bilao ,kakamiss and of course ang gnada ng place for vacation.

  10. Mei says:

    I have never been there. I really wonder if I could go to each island and see what’s in there hehe
    How I wish I could go there someday and have fun with my family and friends

  11. axlppi says:

    inggit…… hahaha ako na lang di nakakapag summer getaway…. ikaw na miss ganda.. ang sarap ng food ha… tas yung island hopping one of my bucketlist….

    • Liz says:

      Right! Must be in your bucket list! Haha. Sarap ng seafood. For sure you’ll have an enjoyable summer getaway din! :)

  12. Mai Flores says:

    Great update considering your hectic schedule! I actually just bookmarked your post, since I also have plans of visiting hundred islands in the near future. :)

  13. Argee says:

    Wow! Great adventure.

    At 4k per person, I think it’s a bargain :)

    Ok, am adding this to my bucket list of places to visit :)

  14. joy says:

    i’ve been to hundred islands years ago, it was really a very spectacular place :)

  15. Ganda sis! Never been to Hundred Islands didn’t know may caves jan to explore. Sayang, the raining is coming early this year and beach hunting is no longer fun if its raining. hehe

  16. Marie says:

    wowow sa food and scenes, and wow uli, sexy! :D

  17. Jeanne M-K says:

    Wow! Kakainggit naman! Wanna go. ;/ Thank you for posting your Hundred-Islands experience. Hope to be able to share my own experience there too, soon… ;)

  18. Hazel says:

    i once island-hopped in hundred islands!!! great place to explore :)

  19. rachelle says:

    really one of the best places to go to in summer. its beauty is something we could be very proud of.

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