Some Tips When Buying A First Drum Set

It is just a couple of days before you get your most awaited paycheck. In your mind, you were already imagining yourself slamming those drum sticks on the drums that you have aspired to buy and express your inner soul. The feeling of being able to buy your dream drum set can be very exciting to the point that you may carelessly buy anything which appears to be decent.

However, this should not be case unless you want to end up regretting what you bought due to the drums not living up to your expectations. Remember that it does not mean that when you have the money which you have been working oh, so hard for your recent paychecks, is that you will just go to any mall accessible and buy that particular drum set because it has a unique tribal symbol on it. It is understandable that keeping that excitement can be difficult but doing a bit of research would be more advisable before you go handing over that hard-earned cash.

Craviotto Drums

Craviotto Drums

For one, if it is your first time buying a drum set, you may want to opt for a starter drum kit. These drum kit is primarily made to cater to those who are still starting their drumming career. It consists of what a beginner would need like the bass drum, a floor tom, along with a couple of percussions such as the snare, and the two mounted tom tom. The set does not include cymbals though you can also buy preparatory cymbals pack to complement your starter drum set. On the other hand, if you are already experienced and are looking for a new drum set to replace your old one, you can choose to check online so that you have more options. Craviotto Drums, Simmons SD7PK Elecrtonic Drum Set, Ludwig Accent Combo and Alesis DM10 Studio Drum Kit, Yamaha, Pearl Drum sets are but a few choices that you may want to consider.

You can also choose to purchase a second-hand or used drum set if you find a good deal but there are a few things which you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you check the quality of the drum set. Check if the drum plastic is securely attached to the shell of the drum. Make sure that there are no pockets of air anywhere. It is also important that you see if there are any chipping on the bearing’s edge since this can affect the quality and the durability of the bearing itself. So the next time that you plan to buy some drum set, make sure that you check your options first. This will keep you away from faulty purchases and dissatisfaction.

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  1. chrisair says:

    I think buying a drum set will be a goo idea of brand new than the 2nd handed, so that I can make sure it will last longer

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