Woolies Adventure

Our personal computer isn’t fixed yet. We brought it to the computer repair shop earlier but there was no available motherboard. Then the CPU package that we were about to purchase was also out of stock. And since I didn’t have my laptop with me while I was in Batangas, I just used my aunt’s desktop.

I updated my blogs quickly and sent emails to some clients. Once I was done with important stuff, I played Woolies Adventure.

It’s a cute game and almost the same as Tumble Bugs. This one seems to be less challenging for me though. But I still played it because the Woolies are so cute! Reminds me of Ewoks.

I finished all stages so the Woolies were able to passed through the gate of heavens…

Woolies Adventure
Woolies Adventure

This would be an ideal game for kids! My siblings love it, too especially my youngest sister.

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