Post-Christmas Fulfillment

I spent my Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. Everything went out as planned. Then I’ll be with my own family on the New Year’s eve while he’ll just drop by the next morning. Cool arrangement! Sweet!

I think this is the simplest Christmas celebration we ever had. One of the saddest, too. We started off with prayers on the 24th since it was his mom’s 40th day of passing. I missed his mom. Of course we all do.

After a short family gathering, we attended the 8PM mass. We headed home after that and waited for the clock to strike at 12. Noche Buena was kinda different without her mom who usually greeted us cheerfully before anybody does.

We received lots of greetings from other people through SMS and Facebook. And just before we sleep, we watched few more anime.

Here come’s the tiring part… Christmas is over so it’s time for general cleaning!

We changed curtains and bed sheets, wiped out dirt from ceiling and mopped the floor, cleaned electric fans, rearrange things and do lots of household chores. Pretty exhausting! And as we moved the bed around the room to clean each corner and the underneath, we found lots of stuff that we’ve never seen before. Rather, the things they have been looking for. Old shoes, Playstation, drawing materials, dividers, etc. There are also lots of collectible items that have been boxed such as books, anime cards and gashapon. I wonder if one of the family members is also into collecting custom challenge coins. All I know is that her mom has a great collection of mail stamps.

Box full or surprises

Keeping things in order...

We threw away some of the things that they’ll no longer need. This happens a lot when you do general cleaning. You tend to find old but interest stuff… and as you keep cleaning, it becomes tiresome.

But it was so fulfilling to see a clean and organized room! Now that everything’s in the right place, it’s time for anime marathon!

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