Happy Day!

No matter how tired you are, if you are happy, you won’t really mind. I just wanted to share that I really feel fulfilled each time I accomplished lots of things. And yesterday was one of those fulfilling days!

After having a good sleep and prepping up for a while, my boyfriend and I went to SM Centerpoint to meet up with Kuya ST for the MTG cards. It was supposed to be quick and smooth but we ended up with a long and entertaining conversation. Haha. Why not? We were discussing some Magic: The Gathering stuff – strategies, latest craze and what not. Kuya ST and Babu were having a serious talk. Kidding!

While listening to the two guys who were busy exchanging ideas, I saw MJ passed by so I called him out. Lol. He was my officemate and its been a while since I last saw him. After exchanging some belated greetings, he headed to where he was supposed to be going.

When we finally wrapped up things with Kuya ST, we headed to SM Department store to buy gifts for the kids – Lucian and Selphie. Thanks goodness! We didn’t spend much time in shopping. We’ve found the ideal gifts for them! McQueen for Lucian and Hello Kitty for Selphie. Easy!

We were late for the kiddie program at Lucian’s Lightning Mcqueen themed party. It’s just for the kids, anyway. Lol. We still made it for early dinner.

Happy 4th Birthday Lucian!

Once there were only few visitors left, we had the time to bond with Rei & KC’s family. Lucian just turned four and he’s still cute and polite. Such a nice kid.

We had another round of spaghetti plus coffee before we left.

Happy day!

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