The Difference Between PS3 And Xbox 360 Gaming Consoles

The gaming industry has never been the same especially when Sony Corporation Entertainment released the PS3 and with Microsoft releasing one of their own called Xbox 360. For some time now, these two consoles have been close competitors in the gaming console market. It would not be surprising if you are having difficulty choosing which console would fit your lifestyle. In these kinds of scenarios it would be best to do some comparative research of some of the console’s competitive features.

PS3 and XBOX 360 Competitive Features

PS3 and XBOX 360 Competitive Features (image via

When it comes to the console’s motion controller system, it would seem that Xbox’s Kinect motion controller system is more convenient than PS3’s Move. Kinect leaves the hands free allowing gamers to focus on the game while PS3’s Move keeps your hands tied up. When it comes preserving video game compact discs, PS3 slimline is equipped with a hard drive which has a greater edge over Xbox’s hard drive. With PS3 having 160GB and 320GB versus Xbox’s hard drive which only has 4GB and 250GB, it is pretty obvious which has a more better hard drive system.

When it comes to the units’ prices, PS3 is more expensive. Xbox costs less even if you purchase it along with its Kinect special package. However, PS3 has a special feature which allows it to play Blu-Ray movies versus Xbox 360 which is worth the money if you are willing to shell extra. In addition, the PS3 has a better multimedia capability when it comes to graphics especially when watching Blu-Ray movies than Xbox 360. On the other hand, Xbox provides a better high-definition gaming experience which can be very competitive against what PS3 offers.

With regard to gaming experience, Xbox 360 offers a better online gaming service called Xbox Live which costs an annual fee. Though you will have to pay extra for this service, it is regarded as one of Xbox’s best features compared to PS3. The good thing about PS3’s Playstation Network or PSN is that it offers more free online games than Xbox.

Overall, the two consoles are worth your money either way. The console that you would be purchasing just depends on your lifestyle. If you are the kind of individual of who prefers playing online with family and friends then Xbox would work better. Now, if you prefer to have a console which almost does everything you want then you may want to go for PS3 instead.

Losing is Gaining…

Losing is Gaining - Losing a Loved One

You won't be forgotten...

The great advantage of having nothing is that everything becomes a gain.

Losing everything is at the same time the scariest, as well as the most liberating experience you can have. When you have something, – anything, you’ve got to protect it from disappearing. And so worry becomes a resident in your heart. When you’ve got nothing, your heart overflows with gratitude for every offering you receive.

And just when I was contemplating about our recent loss – the death of my boyfriend’s mom whom I’ve learned to call “Mommy” (for she was like a second mom to me), I remember the above-mentioned facts. Indeed, I’m very blessed.

Thank you Mommy… and may you rest in eternal peace.

5 Great Healthy Weekend Escapes

It’s always great to get away together just you and your partner. But all too often the rich dinners, bottles of wine and traditional indulgences of a romantic weekend won’t leave you feeling very healthy. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore – if you’re on a health mission, why not incorporate this into your getaway, doing something special, memorable and incredibly healthy together. Whether you met on free dating sites or through friends, here are a few ideas for action-packed adventures which are sure to be enjoyable…

Walk in the Lakes

Walk in the Lake

The Lake District: a place of true beauty where mountains rupture the landscape and are punctuated by many wide, deep lakes. Expect snow in winter, lambs in spring and a welcoming traditional British pub in every village. Why not take your partner here for the weekend and set yourself ambitious walking routes through the stunning peaks. There are routes for any level of experience and fitness.

Ski in the Alps

Winter is nearly upon us and it’s time to embrace it. Skiing is intrinsically romantic – the snow, the two-man chairlifts, the hot tub in the evening. But on top of this, traversing the pistes is incredibly good exercise and is guaranteed to boost your fitness by the end of just one weekend. Jet off to the Alps for a relatively inexpensive but unbelievable quality skiing getaway.

Cycle across Scotland

Rent some mountain bikes and take the weekend to explore the beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Ensure to plan your route carefully and base it on your ability level – whether that means an ambitious trek down a rocky mountain path or a peaceful, romantic ride along the flat. You could be hanging out with Edinburgh singles on the Friday night and be over in Glasgow by the following day.  Whatever you choose, the weekend will be healthy and enjoyable.

Pick a Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

The trendy, new age activity of yoga provides both exercise and relaxation. A series of stretches and poses hold your body in strenuous positions, increasing your flexibility and core strength. If you’re looking for a peaceful healthy weekend then look no further than a yoga retreat. There are plenty of these both in the UK and abroad, for beginners, for the experienced and for basically every kind of yoga you can think of.

A Health Spa

Take the level of relaxation to the next level with a health spa. This is not so much an exercise-packed weekend, but health spas can be very beneficial to your mental health, cleansing your mind from all the stresses of everyday life.

Romantic weekends don’t have to be wrought with guilt. With any one of these weekend ideas you can be sure of a healthy and romantic weekend away. You may also consider holistic therapy in London.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Human Nature Christmas Bundles

Be more practical and definitely beautiful with Human Nature organic beauty products! If you haven’t shopped for Christmas gifts yet, grab some Christmas bundles for your convenience!

Lots of packages to choose from: gift packs for those who love lip-smackin’ goodness, gifts for those who like to travel light, gifts for babies, kids, men and mommies and gifts for those who love mineral makeup! The choices are endless and you’ll definitely find one that’s just right for your budget!

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Human Nature Christmas Bundles

Human Nature Christmas Bundles

This Christmas, give your loved ones a gift that gives life… life to them, life to the Philippines, life to the poor and life to the environment.

Writing Inspiration: Tips from Debut Authors

Has today’s technology made the craft of writing easier, or hast it just provided more ways to procrastinate?

I got so bored while I was in Batangas because our computer wasn’t working and I didn’t have my laptop with me. I have to content myself with the television and some old magazines. And when I was supposed to watch “No Other Woman” with my sisters, I just decided to browse old stuff until I stumbled upon a very old issue of Writer’s Digest – dated March 2004.

Wow! What could I learn from an outdated magazine? I felt that I need some refresher course about writing so I braved flipping through the pages. For a start, the Insider’s Stories caught my attention. Lines like “Bring Your Characters to Life” and “The 5 Worst Story Leads” are effective teasers that worked for me.

When I was in college, I dream of publishing my own book and I found the magazine to be really interesting. It is full of tips about getting self-published along with inspiring stories. I wish I could find my three notebooks of unpublished Tagalog romance novels. I’ve written them while I was in high school. Hopeless romantic, as you may say. I wish to find them right now and start revising. I mean, when I wrote those novels I still lacked experience, purely imagination and so little drama. My readers who were my sisters and classmates used to say that I’m good at writing because I made them “so kilig” and in-love. But things are different now. And I think, I have to edit a lot of corny/super cheesy lines. But how do I start if I don’t have the old copies with me? Writing is an art, and I can’t write the same story again… ever. Each masterpiece is so unique that you can’t make an exact replica of your previous creations… just like in drawing and painting. Maybe, I have to go back to square one… create and define new characters, outline events, review storyline and more! I have all the experiences and thoughts that I might need, but the luxury of time… not yet.

Writing Tips from Debut Authors

Write and write and when you are done, revise, edit and rewrite.

Let me share you what I’ve found out and relearned from what I’ve read:

1. Debut authors have highly successful habits such as:

a. Discipline. Writing is terrifying because it’s solitary while you do it and so public when you think you finally made it. With discipline, you will continue to write and accept feedback. It is about being less defensive and neurotic about what you are trying to accomplish.
b. Patience. Never refuse work and grab every opportunity that comes your way.
c. Consistency. Keep writing. Write and write and when you are done, revise, edit and rewrite.

2. Every character you create on your story will be yourself. Bring characters to life by taking the right approach – create characters who are composites of more than one person. Real life people make colorful fictional characters and you can customize them effectively by taking traits from two or more people.

3. The best story beginnings grab reader from the first sentence. You don’t need gimmicks or tricks to hook readers. The best openings (ledes) spring naturally from your material and you should avoid these too familiar openings:
- Dictionary Dodge (“The dictionary defines…”)
- Stating the obvious (“Let’s face it, pollution…”)
- The “insider” cliché (“Play it as it lays, golfers say…”)
- John Lennon lede (“Imagine…”)
- First-person superfluous (“I want to tell you a story…”)