Reminders When Buying Manufactured Homes

Purchasing manufactured homes can really be exciting with the comfort and convenience of instant home in mind. But what are the things to consider when buying a mobile home? Here are some tips to help you in looking for the best mobile home:

First, shop around for three or more dealers. By doing so, you will have better options and trim down your choices. Next, go for independent financing. Outside lenders offer better payment schemes than the financing options offered by the retailers most of the time. Consider the overall cost such as utilities, taxes, insurance and service charge. It is recommended to borrow as little as possible. Some interest rates may be too high and you don’t want to be stuck with a lifetime debt.

You should not let your emotion dictate you. Some floor plans may really be attractive but you must also consider the durability of your future home. Appearance is not everything about your home. Ask for a good warranty protection from the home manufacturer or retailer.

If there are things which are unclear to you, ask questions while you’re onsite. Clarify the requirements or restrictions if you wish to sell your home.

For more tips and mobile homes for sale, you may go online or find a factory expo home center near you!

New Fansign from Marty

Yay! I’m so happy to get two new fansigns from Marty! She tagged me on Facebook and I couldn’t help my excitement! My boyfriend just got his fansign from her, too!

Lizzie Fansign from Marty

New fansign from Marty!

If you could remember, Marty made 3 fansigns for me before when I just requested for one. Now, she made two more without me asking for it. She said that it’s a token of gratitude:

thanks for the effort in creating this blog.. <3

I love featuring her in my blogs! :)

I’ll post the other newly-made fansign on Pinkville! Please visit to view the second, errr, fifth fansign! Kawaii!

Raining Yet It’s Hot as Summer!

They said that there’s a typhoon. Fine! I can see that it’s really raining heavily yet it’s still pretty humid! The late afternoon rain didn’t make me feel better. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I’m sweating all over even with the electric fan set to 3. Is it the best time for indoor swimming? Pool heat pumps won’t be necessary this time to heat the water. Cold water will be so refreshing in this warm weather!

August Caravan of Giveaways!

Feeling lucky? Then join “Pasko sa Agosto” for a chance to win cool and exciting prizes! It’s a series of online contests and consolidated bloggers’ giveaway for the entire month of August!

I’m running a contest @ Makeup Noob to feature Human Nature makeup! Joining is easy! Just click the image below for more details and to access more contests/giveaways!


I’m looking forward to more giveaways this December. How about laptop computers, cellphones or LCDs for the grand prize? Wishful thinking!

Human Nature August Magalogue Turnover

Top rated fashion merchandising colleges, prestigious cosmetology schools, and skincare enthusiasts, take your time reading Human Nature’s new product launch!

Human Nature Magalogue August 2011

Human Nature Magalogue August 2011

Just before the formal magalogue turnover, a video clip was presented to us which highlighted the Human Nature product updates and development, advocacy, and upcoming events. I’m excited about the Human Nature Dealer Summit this coming November and I’d like to visit the GK Enchanted Farm, too, just like President NoyNoy Aquino.

Visit to GK Enchanted Farm

President Aquino's Visit to GK Enchanted Farm

The video was so moving that I won’t stop spreading the word about Human Nature. (I’m not sure if the video clip can be shared or if it’s exclusive to dealers.) Mr. Dylan Wilk’s sense of humor and deep sympathy to the Philippines got me when he said, “When you marry a Filipina, you marry the whole country!” If non-Filipinos could be so passionate about our country and its people, why can’t we? I’m a Gawad Kalinga advocate and had once joined the home building project in Caloocan. I’ve met a lot of GK villagers, staffs and Mr. Tony Meloto. Being part of outreach activities is a life-changing experience and I’m encouraging everyone to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

Now, before I get out of lane, let’s go through the pages of August 2011 magalogue. Thanks to Jillian of Human Nature Manila for the lively presentation. (Thanks to other staffs, too namely Denver, Aileen and the other guy who served us snack and assisted us in onsite shopping.)

Jillian Human Nature Manila

August Magalogue Turnover

August 2011 magalogue cover girl is Hindy Tantoco a fashion designer of party dresses and wedding gowns and she owns an organic farm called “Holy Carabao”. Grab a magalogue (magazine + catalogue) for only P6 to access her eco-friendly tips!

Excited for the new Human Nature products? Sneak peek:

Kids Shampoo & Body Wash – The improved  formulation of Kid’s Shampoo and Body Wash contains a Protein Care System which take cares of the delicate hair and skin of children. It is enriched with coco nectar which is packed with amino acids.

Human Nature Kids Shampoo & Body Wash

Human Nature Kids Shampoo & Body Wash

Lip balms come in new flavors and packaging. Three yummy variants: Peppermint (improved flavor), Tutti Frutti (new flavor) and Choco-Fudge (new flavor).

New Human Nature Lip Balms

New Human Nature Lip Balms

Mineral Eyeshadow (Enchanted Evening) – A new Mineral Eyeshadow palette to create a sexy and smoky eye look perfect for evening dates.

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow - Enchanted Evening

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow - Enchanted Evening

Filipina Tote Bag Series – Eco-friendly bags for your shopping and strolling needs. You may carry it all-day and be proud of the fashionable, limited edition Filipina series tote bags!

Human Nature Filipina Tote Bags

Human Nature Filipina Tote Bags

Cool new products to try!

Then there was a makeup demo to show the proper application of Mineral Eyeshadow – Enchanted Evening. Of course it still depends on the eyelid, shape of the eye and skin tone. But here’s Aileen, our make up artist. *wink*

Makeup Demo Eyeshadow

New Mineral Eyeshadow to try: Enchanted Evening

Makeup Demo Eyeshadow 2

Makeup Demo: Application of Mineral Eyeshadow

Application instructions can also be found on the magalogue and mineral eyeshadow itself. This new palette will definitely make me more glamorous next time!

And that wrap ups the magalogue turnover at Human Nature, Manila branch! It’s shopping time! Attendees enjoyed exclusive discount during the turnover date but I was not able to make the most out of it. As of the moment, CASH is the the only payment option in Manila branch and I wasn’t aware of it. Couldn’t use my debit card and Paypal for my transaction. Next time, I’ll see to it to have enough cash with me. Nonetheless, I was able to stretch my P1100 budget to cover this month’s maintaining purchase.

Human Nature Shoppers

Human Nature Shoppers/Dealers

Enjoy the goodness of 100% natural beauty products!

End of Human Nature Presentation

'til the next magalogue turnover!