Exciting Blogger Events

Ever since I’ve joined Pinoy Bloggers group in Facebook, I’ve been so busy with events. I am not complaining. In fact, I mean it in a nice way. I’ve met lots of bloggers in every event and there are interesting stories and people behind their blogs.

This week, I’m looking forward to “Retrospective: The MIHCA Open-house 2011″ in Makati and Architerra Manila Properties Open House in Ortigas. Next Monday, I’ll be at the 2011 Mid-Year Market Briefing for CitisecOnline Investors and possibly on Mang Inasal’s Bloggers Night, too. Isn’t it great? I’m a dedicated blogger so I am passionate about events that fall under my blog categories or niche.

Last night, I was with a group of blogger at MedChef’s first anniversary celebration. Familiar faces and new ones made my stay worthwhile.

On top of this blogging activities, I am also busy with my life. I’m joining MTG tournament from Wednesday to Friday and during weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. Of course I need a day off with my boyfriend and family. And after each long and exhausting day, the comfort of my own room relaxes me. Though sometimes, there are clutters that stress me. Because of that, I really wish to redecorate my bedroom with pine beds, aspen furniture and cedar cabinets. An interior with a touch of nature can be more inspiring. How I wish my place is more spacious…

Pine Bed and Log Furniture

Nature’s Classic Comfort

Best Pouty Lips Photo Contest

I’m supporting Luka Megurine (Marty) to win Dee Chan’s contest. The search for best pouty lips is on and I’m rooting for the Cosplay Angel. *winks*

Mary Lou Pouty Lips

Vote for Mary Lou Tinonas! Kawaii!

Here’s how you can help her win:
1. Like Dee Chan’s page.
2. Like Mary Lou’s photo of her pouty lips.

Marty is a sweet and nice girl so your LIKES won’t be wasted! Catch her on the next cosplay event to witness her charms!

Thank you guys! :)

Cosmo Gals in Action!

Cosmo Gals

PPP: Pampered Pink & Purple (Liz of lizmagikera.info and Rhonz of purpleandhue.com

Thanks Nail-a-holics for the manicure (and Beauty & Butter for the foot spa with pedicure!)

I really had a great Thursday with Rhonz! From Starbucks, to Beauty & Butter, to Nail-A-Holics, to Sbarro, to The Body Shop, to SM Department Store and then back to Starbucks. It’s a fun-filled day of pampering, shopping and bonding! Whew, it seems that we can’t get enough of each other. I know there are lots of things to talk about, especially some juicy details to spill. Lol. We had to cut our conversation short by 7:45PM because of my date. Nonetheless, our day has been super productive!  Our meetup has been always like this, jump-packed of activities, laughter and plans of next day out.

Craving for Malibu Coke

I’m so happy that my friend (Ice) finally gave me the formula ingredients for my most requested mix! Malibu, I’ll come and get you this weekend!

Malibu Rum - Coconut

Malibu goes well with Coke in 1:2 mix

Per shot glass:

1/3 Malibu Rum

2/3 Coke

Mix it on your own preference. If you want more alcohol, increase the amount of rhum! So far, Malibu Coke is my favorite drink. I’ve discovered it in Baguio. Thanks to Kuya Hai for this wonderful mix! Smells like butterscotch and tastes like honey! Heavenly sweet!

Cash Advance To Cover Tuition Fees

It’s been almost a month since classes started and school expenses are no joke. Tuition fees, books, food and transportation allowance, miscellaneous projects, name it… student needs more than a down payment for his or her tuition fees. I’m supporting my sister in her studies so I know the burden of not having enough cash when fees needs to be collected for workbooks or manuals. If only I can get fast cash through check city cash advance, it would be more convenient. Depositing her allowance through BPI won’t be my only option since cash can be directly sent to her. And I won’t even think of renewing my SSS loan. Unfortunately, I’m in a country which does not allow me to take advantage of cash advance benefits from that financial institution.

For more help, many have turned to online colleges for a more affordable and flexible option. Guide to Online Schools offers information and resources about financial aid and scholarships.