Toycon 2011, Angry Bird and a Double Date

It was another Saturday at the mall. This time, my boyfriend and I met up with his toy-addict cousin at SM Megamall. A planned double date? I guess so. I met his cousin’s girlfriend for the first time. Kath’s a nice girl like me. Batangueña, too!

But prior to that, me, my boyfriend and Nailo (my DSLR) enjoyed with the eye candies at Megatrade Hall. The event? Toycon 2011! I gave full credit to my boyfriend for bringing Nailo with us. It was already 7PM and there were lots of cosplayers outside the event venue. They were everywhere at the 5th floor of SM Megamall. Such a feast! I took that opportunity to take shots. I’m not a pro so bear with me if I’m relying on the predefined SLR modes.

My favorite cosplayer: Mary Lou Tinonas. I was brave enough to hand her my calling card and pen as I asked for her name and the character she’s cosplaying. I love animes but I’m not an animaniac, so it was my first time to get acquainted with Luka Megurine.

Luka Megurine

Luka Megurine

With her facial features, at first I thought she was Alodia Gosengfiao.

Another kawaii girl spotted, one of the Domo Girls:

Domo Girl

Kawaii Domo Girl

More photos here: (click to enlarge)

Luka Luka Megurine
Luka Megurine Luka Megurine
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay
Anime Cosplay Toycon 2011
Anime Cosplay Anime Cosplay

While taking photos, I also bumped into my ex-officemates namely Jim and Irman. I wasn’t actually feeling well that day but the surge of excitement made me forget about it.

Finally, the ‘other’ couple showed up from Blenz cafe and we had dinner at The Kebab Factory. Raven’s birthday treat! SWEET!

I’m featuring this fresh lemonade because ordering it was an epic. Epic, fail? No. In fact, I wanted to commend ‘that’ waiter for being customer-oriented. Check out the restaurant review here.

Fresh Lemonade - The Kebab Factory

Fresh Lemonade - The Kebab Factory

After dinner, the guys planned to check out Toycon 2011 but it was too late. No more tickets, closing time! Sad. I even requested them to take pictures for me! But his cousin managed to buy some goodies after bribing the gate watcher. Kidding.  Anyway, he was there earlier and he got his wrist stamped. (Entrance ticket was P100 and I couldn’t help it but giggle with the freebie – 20% discount @ Eurotel.) Lol.  Okay, time to wear those beanie hats!

Starbucks was jump-packed with coffee lovers and bystanders alike. We headed to Starbucks, Trinoma instead. And it’s where the angry bird got seriously mad! Madly inlove with me, I guess.

Angry Bird and Me

Angry Bird and Me

Laugh trip with the angry bird:

Angry Bird

Angry Bird yelled, "Don't look!"

Angry Bird Starbucks

Angry Bird spotted Stabucks frappe

Angry Bird

Getting closer...

Angry Bird Starbucks


I forgot what time we left Trinoma. They still wanted to play at Timezone but it was already closed. RedBox was also nearby but we just decided to go home. All I can say is that, his advance birthday celebration was a blast. Such a lonnggg but fulfilling day. Cake and beers to follow.


Double Date

Double Date: From The Kebab Factory to Starbucks

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15 Responses to Toycon 2011, Angry Bird and a Double Date

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  2. JoMi says:

    I have two photographer friends who attended TOYCON 2011. They are just a bit disappointed, because, it’s too crowded. It’s easier to get better shots, If there would be no people in the background. Anyway, tnx for sharing! =)

  3. michi says:

    i am not a fan of cosplay or anime, but i like the face of your second picture. she looks so pretty and innocent.

    i like the angry bird mask, where did you buy that? =)

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  5. Liz says:

    @ JoMi
    True, it’s better to take photos if the photographer can move freely. :) These shots are actually taken outside the venue. Struggling, that is. Still kinda crowded.

    @ Michi
    Kawaii! We bought it from one of the booths @ the Toycon.
    Bini Boshi Beanie Hats. You may check their FB page.

  6. bolen says:

    thanks for the pic..:))

  7. Vernz says:

    Hi Liz, thanks for the visit.

    Yayks… If I were younger today, I would really love to be a dragon princess.. hahahha..

    love this kinda … not sure what to call this other than cosplay lol.. interesting really!

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  9. Liz says:

    Wow, dragon princess! Is it pink? Hehe.

  10. Marty says:

    thank you for featuring me here in you blog.. :) and thank you also for the pixx.. <3

    • Liz says:

      Heya, can I call you Marty coz it’s your name in this comment. Hehe. Btw, I just sent you and email. You’ve got lots of pix, fav of mine! I wish to gather more of your fans here. :)

  11. dashaman says:

    nice angry birds hat. =) did you grab them at the toycon?

    regards liz.

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