Check Social Security System (SSS) Contribution Online

I’m self-employed right now and I don’t know how to continue with my SSS (Social Security System) contributions. I also have an active loan and I’d like to check how much I owe them. I remember that I have an online account with SSS so I checked my inbox for my login details.

It’s been 90 days since I last logged in so I was prompted to change my password. After that, I was able to log in using my new password. I checked my SSS contributions and I’m happy to see that it’s updated:

SSS Contribution Online

Check your SSS contribution online!

Note: Personal details and SSS contributions are hidden for security purposes.

I checked the Loans tab but didn’t see the exact amount and monthly deduction from my payroll there. And sorry to say this, the system is not that user-friendly. Main menus are okay, but I never thought that those little triangles are drop-down menus until my mouse pointer accidentally hovered over them.

On a positive note, the appointment system is impressive in a sense that you’ll get prioritized when you visit the desired branch over walk-in members. I’m referring to the concept itself and not the service because I haven’t tried setting an appointment yet.  By using the appointment system, you’ll also be able to select specific service and provide more information about your concern. I just hope that SSS Office are providing quality service because I’ve heard some nasty things about them.

No matter how crappy some offices are, it’s still good to be an SSS member because it entitles you with different claims such as maternity claim, retirement claim, sickness claim and social security disability claim.

If you’re an SSS member and would like to check your contributions and member details online, you may sign up here.

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21 Responses to Check Social Security System (SSS) Contribution Online

  1. pEDo says:

    I used to check my contributions online, but I stopped a few years ago when most of the time, the SSS website loads so slow!

  2. Liz says:

    It’s not slow right now. :)

    Btw, thanks for commenting.

  3. gud day!wanna check my account and change my status…

  4. ma. alma reyes fortuno says:

    im in need of my contribution for my sss maternity benefit can you please help me find a way or send me through e mail my contribution..thank you.

  5. jzelmarie says:

    I can’t see any contribution tab in my sss profile.. Where can I actually see it?

    • Liz says:

      My account just got locked because I entered the wrong password 3x. I can’t provide you a walkthrough or screenshot right now.

  6. gloria mengorio sulla says:

    igud day! i just want to know my sss contribution… can u send my details? thank you

  7. jane says:

    upon registration the receipt # of your last payment is required… i lost all my receipts :(

  8. ton says:

    di ko kasi matandaan ang user id ko.. pano ko mabuksan ang sss contri ko?

  9. ton says:

    pakisend naman po sa email add ko ang user id ko… maaming salamat po.

    • Liz says:

      Hi Ton and Jane,
      I am not part of SSS admin to help you with that. You can contact them directly or visit the nearest branch.

  10. May E1 na po aq dati kaso lng nawala po pero last q inquire may laman pala,gusto q po sana malaman kung mag voluntary aq magkano po ang ba2yaran q every hnd q po kabisado ung E1 # q..

  11. want to know how much is my contribution now

  12. MARITES OTELLA says:


  13. gud day,can i ask a favor can you give me a balance record of loan k,tnx nd god speed.

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