Secure Your Belongings!

We often see notes and reminders about securing your belongings since the management won’t be liable for any loss. For me, it simply translates to different and more cases of loss. There seems to be no safe place for you and your belongings these days. Thiefs, holduppers, swindlers, and lots of criminals appear fearlessly in public and do their dirty deeds as if no one’s looking. They are very confident in carrying out their modus operandi. Take for example the hi tech pickpocketing. How is it done? By simply installing a card that can steal your information either on a cellphone or on a laptop. Even if you are not swiping your card yet, someone who’s after your identity can get all of the information by simply passing by and walking beside you. Once they have the information, they will have full control over it – make purchases and the like.

In US, these cases are being addressed by using Secure Wallet™, Secure Sleeve®, or Secure Badgeholder®.

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