Amazing Science at The Mind Museum

Did you know that females are smarter than males? Is this for real? I, being a female, love this fact and strongly believe that I’m smarter than some of the guys! But before all the males out there growl at me, read on. This statement is found very evident in female dogs, too. And if you wish to know more trivia and find amazing science articles, you may now head to The Mind Museum.

Its vision is to build a home for science and to make it the first world-class science museum in the Philippines. The museum aims to present science as entertaining and engaging part of life. The two-level museum features these awesome galleries:

The Story of the Universe: Its Beginning and Majesty
The Story of the Earth: Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
The Story of Life: The Exuberant Varieties of Life
The Story of the Atom: The Strange World of the Very Small
The Story of Technology: The Showcase of Human Ingenuity

On May 26, 2011, The Mind Museum’s first exhibit testing event will be held at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City and it’s themed Minds at Work.

Minds At Work

Build imaginative minds!

Let’s help promote science in the country by building imaginative minds through volunteerism or sponsorship. Mechanics can be found here.

For more details about this upcoming event, visit Ten Minutes, Tops!

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11 Responses to Amazing Science at The Mind Museum

  1. Patrish says:

    I think females ARE smarter than males. Simply because we’re more capable and besides, don’t we mature earlier than men? I’d like to check the museum out. Until when is the exhibit?

    • Liz says:

      Since this is a testing exhibit, it’s open on May 26 only. Just a one-day affair to those who have received the invites. I wish to be part of it. *fingers-crossed*

  2. marga says:

    i claim that we women are definitely smarter than men. in all aspects. lol (sorry guys but yeah)

    ill check the infos about the museum.
    good post! ( :

  3. Raynan says:

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  4. darwin says:

    Congrats! See you at NBC Tent!

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