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Natural Skincare Products at Sundance Bazaar!

Share this to the world: Human Heart Nature will have a booth at Sundance Bazaar this weekend! (See above flier for details.) View best-selling natural products here: Human Heart Nature Products – 100% No Harmful Chemicals!

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Restore Deleted Blogspot Blogs

Losing something makes us realize its importance even more. Online cases are different, we already know the rewards of blogging but what we might overlook is the importance of online data backup. Recently, another blogger/blogspot blog was deleted by Blogger …

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Expenses, Expenses!

My impulsiveness is like a double-edge sword, a blessing and a curse. It’s good because I can grab all the good deals at once but it’s bad because I tend to go beyond my limit. Overspending, that is. I am …

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Show Love and Respect to Elders!

… especially if they are part of your family! Loved ones should not be treated like this! Shame on people on this video who physically hurt their aged parent! And to DSWD officials, please act as soon as possible. I …

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Mint Set Collections

When I heard the word mint, peppermint is the first thing that came to my mind not thinking that it is all about US Mint. I’ve figured out that there are collectors out there who are fond of collecting US …

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