Two Weeks Before Goodbye…

I thought I was the only one who’s leaving. Turned out, that most of my previous teammates have decided to leave as well. I won’t name names here, just a random fact – we’re all from APAC Team. Two weeks from now, I’ll be out of this company. Where would I be?

At home. Relaxing. Blogging. Dreaming.

Relax at Home

I really love the comfort of my own home...

But where will I get money to keep me going? No more cash advance for me. In fact, haven’t tried it even when I was still working with my very first company. I am afraid of debt. I don’t have credit cards. Just debit cards and bank accounts. :)

Two weeks from now, I won’t see those familiar faces again. “Manong Magtataho” by the footbridge, Manang/Kuya/Ate by the pantry, guards and FMS and a lot more familiar strangers. Will I see my colleagues and other acquaintances from then on? I don’t know.

Two weeks from now, I won’t be answering technical calls from demanding or irate calls. I won’t be checking my monthly stats. I won’t be afraid to sleep and wake up late. I won’t hate traffic. And I’d definitely love being at home. Whether alone, with him, or with my family… I’ll surely be happy to live comfortably.

Two weeks from now, my life will change. In a major major way…

Discount Coupons from Cosmopolitan’s Pocket Planner

I’ve just read our January 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan and just got hold of the free pocket plotter, too. Yeah, I’m a month late. Not a slow reader here, only that I’m too busy with other things. Come to think of it, I have a pending e-book on my email and I have to read it as well.

Cosmopolitan Pocket Planner

Plan everything the fun way!

Speaking of the free pocket planner, I find it very useful and handy. In fact, I’ve just written down my notes about the products I am about to try this February. It does not include the best slimming pills, though. I don’t need it. :)

Aside from being a real planner, this one gives me coupons for discounts and freebies. 20% off in selected hotels and restaurants, 10% off on selected apparels, free drinks, cakes and additional month in gym subscription, and more discounts on food and beauty products! I sooo love it!

Wake Up, Sleepy Head!

TGIF! Though I’m not that happy because I’m not feeling well since yesterday. I thought it was the end of me. It was my first time to be too afraid of sleeping… in the fear of not waking up again. :(

SummitPeakBed_cabin bed

Sleep if you must…

It’s not that I’m looking for cabin beds to get a decent sleep… It’s not that I’m bothered by mundane things to fall into a deep slumber. It’s just that… I don’t want to die yet.

I don’t know. I was sick.

And now I’m still sleepy. Or am I getting weaker?

I’m afraid.

Thanks to my considerate supervisor, he allowed me to be on leave today for my checkup. I’ll be at The Medical City later. I don’t wish to suffer this pain and fear anymore. I love life. I love my family and loved ones. I have to take care of my health… I don’t want to collapse and feel helpless again. :(

January 2010 Seat Sale Alert

Seat Sale Alert - Cebu Pacific

Affordable flights are up!

Should I book a flight now? Seats are available for as low as P1,888.00 if you wish visit China, Japan and South Korea! Haven’t been on those places so I’d really love to travel…

I can’t decide right now because I have to speak with my significant other first. :) Though I think Japan will be his first pick… I’m fine with it and would love to see Korea in snow, too!

Birthday Gift for Me

Another time of the year, 23rd of January… my birthday.

I was not feeling well all week up until now. Headache, colds and stress almost killed me. And to make my day worst, I just got my period. Excuse me, uhm, but I have to tell this to justify the mixed emotions within this post.

I was so happy last Friday for being one of the top FNMers. Yet I was frustrated on Saturday because I was not able to join the APAC reunion. I miss my old team. The rock-solid relationship among the members and the never-ending kindness of previous team leader.

Sunday then, was my birthday.

I celebrated it with my boyfriend and his family. It was night time when I broke down into tears. I was depressed, telling my boyfriend that I’m already twenty six yet I haven’t accomplished a thing. I’m just a dreamer. I enumerated my plans… everything… To the point of pressuring myself. He said I was a worry-wart. I think so. But only during that night. Because it was my birthday, and I had this damn girl thing.

We had a heart to heart talk, a long yet meaningful conversation. The most serious one from all the talks we had within our 3-year and still counting relationship. We planned together. And it made me feel better.

I was in a state of confusion earlier. For an instant, I don’t know what will happen to me after resignation. But then again, he assured me that he will be there. And he reminded me that I am strong. Yes, I will go for my dreams! This is me… and I always go for what I want without hesitation.

Suddenly, I was so inspired again…

And my birthday, ended like that – with me on his loving arms plus countless kisses of reassurance…

Happy Birthday Cake_Liz

Happy Birthday to me!!!


If you have to give me a birthday gift, I am not asking for anything material. Not a PS3, iphone 4, laptop or DSLR. Just your prayers. Pray that I become healthier, stronger and successful. Thank you…