Best Japanese Movie: My Rainy Days

I thought A Moment To Remember will remain number one on my list. But after watching My Rainy Days, everything has changed. I fell in love with Nozomi Sasaki and that movie is now my favorite. Best favorite, to be exact. Haha.

My Rainy Days_Japanese Movie

Sweet Reward

Let’s have some fun here. Below are the screen shots of my favorite scenes. How did Rio and Kouki end up kissing in the library? Back track starting from the movie poster above. (In reverse order)

My Rainy Days  - Library Kiss

Kilig to the max!

Oh gosh, I was uber kilig and blushing while watching. It’s one of the sweetest things a guy could do! Haha. I really really love the way it happens. Yeah, it just happens. Watch it and you’ll get what I mean. :)


Gotcha! She finally got his attention!

My Rainy Days_Library 2

Pretty Bored! Literally...

My Rainy Days_Library

Study time, not play time!

Unlike the romance movies I’ve watched before, My Rainy Days is an all-in-one chick flick that’s worth countless replays! Oh yeah, I can’t get over this film! It features not only love but also friendship, family virtues, work passion and other challenges. A slice of life in some sort.

Love is definitely the  great catalyst of all times. Because of her feelings toward Kouki (Shosuke Tanihara), Rio leaves her own self behind. But she’s still the pushy, aggressive yet delicate type that Kouki learned to love. Kouki in turn becomes less anti-social and start having hope because of Rio. You see, even the simple mistakes are meant to take place. If not with the wrong photos sent to them, those two won’t meet that fateful rainy day… Err, in fact they had their unofficial encounters when Rio was 14 (at the hospital) and 17(at the bar).

I really enjoyed this simple yet moving story. How will you treasure the sweet memories that are about to fade? How will you keep loving someone who is about to forget everything including you? Such a torture, right? Rio is brave enough to start all over again. Her rainy days are not all about  tears rolling down her cheeks but also having Kouki back in her arms.

My Rainy Days – a must watch movie!

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24 Responses to Best Japanese Movie: My Rainy Days

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  2. Ritz says:

    Yay. Looks like a good movie… :D Im gonna watch this too.. Thanks for sharing liz

  3. fedhz says:

    may download link ka, sis? hehehe

  4. i want to beautiful movie

  5. OMYGOD!!!! I haven’t watched this yet so I got excited when I read your first paragraph. I didn’t read the rest of the paragraphs na because I don’t want to spoil it!!! ahaha i shall look for a copy now and watch!!!

    • Liz says:

      Haha. Just checking my old posts kasi and I realized this one didn’t get much comments so I want to share it to everyone who will surely love this movie. :)

  6. Trisha says:

    MUST WATCH. Will download right now. Haha =)) I loved A WALK TO REMEMBER, and sana this will feed my hunger more :D <3

  7. Sarah says:

    Do you have the link Liz?heheheh! i can’t wait to see it. I’m such a chick-flick movie addict!:)

  8. joy says:

    i no longer have the time to watch movies lately, i need to bookmark this page or copy the movie title in my notes so i can go over it when spare time is available

  9. Marie says:

    hihi. Thanks! I think it’s time for me to watch late nights Jap movies again, I miss those days! :D This reminds me of my favorite part in the film Whisper of the Heart…don’t know why I find library scenes romantic. ^_^

  10. axlppi says:

    aahiee.. parang i want to watch it..

    • Liz says:

      Haha. Try watching it! I have a guy friend who almost cried about the movie. Well, I think he did. Not sure. Lol.

  11. Argee says:

    Hehe, I have good experiences with Japanese dramas and movies. I’ll check this out :)

  12. Ane says:

    Wow, it sounds like you enjoyed the movie a lot. :)

    I love watching asian movies as well, but have never really watched a love story, most of the films I’ve watched are either scary or disturbing. :P But will definitely watch out for this because your post intrigued me. :)

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