Korean Movie: A Moment To Remember

Because I can’t get over this romantic yet sort of tragic movie, I am also posting it here. After all, this is SWORD so let me spread the word!

A Moment To Remember

I don’t have to remember you. You’re a part of me...

Real tear-jerker! Just like what I’ve said at Pinkville post (A Moment To Remember), this movie seems to be a mix of “My Sassy Girl” and “The Notebook”. And I’ve just figured out that Son Ye-Jin (Kim Su-Jin) is the same girl at “The Classic”.

This Korean movie made me cry because I can relate to it. The fear of losing my memory is as strong as the pain of losing my loved ones. So disheartening.

You can check my Pinkville blog post for other comments and the link to watch the movie online. I am also sharing the touching love letter here:

Letter_A_Moment To Remember

I’m afraid my just returned memory will leave me again.. .

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2 Responses to Korean Movie: A Moment To Remember

  1. oday says:

    ai grabe d rin ako makaget-over dito..kaka-tears talaga to…ang cute cute ni son ye jin :p

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