SEA-MARJ: Feedback, Very Much Needed

Since my post about SEA-MARJ keeps getting Anonymous comments and more people are coming into view to relate their nasty experiences about this training center, I’d like to gather more information about it. I don’t want to be one-sided so I’d like to hear from those who had positive experiences with SEA-MARJ.

Here’s my post about it by the way: SEA-MARJ – Think Twice Before You Apply

Scam Jobs

Please find time to read all the comments under that post. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment, too. Should you wish to send me an email, kindly check the disclosure policy.

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168 Responses to SEA-MARJ: Feedback, Very Much Needed

  1. hi sis, visiting you here. Is this like odesk?

  2. Liezl says:

    Nope sis. This is not about earning online but getting a real job offline. :)

  3. josie says:

    still operating pa din ba sila, wla pa ding nagrereklamo sa jobstreet? :(

  4. Lisa says:

    done spreading Filipino warnings:)

  5. mbt fuaba says:

    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

  6. oasis pineda says:

    hi… im’done with my training with seamarj… i just read ur post in the net and i totally disagree with ur blogs, because i am currently employed in a 5 star hotel because of their assistance.. I respect ur views, but don’t u think is improper posting such blogs when u rself don’t experience the assistance they were giving… maybe u are not qualified one, or surely u are not qualified because of ur attitude!

  7. oasis pineda says:

    i hope u’l be fair enough to post or accept my comment, i am challenging you to post it the way u post the negative blogs about seamarj!

  8. oasis pineda says:

    and i believe that ur earning money for every review that u get, so who’s making money at the expense of others! just to mind u guys!for every views ur making this blogger erans from u!

  9. Liz says:

    Hello Oasis Pineda!
    Hey, as you can see – all comments are welcome. No need to challenge me my dear. :)

    By the way, I am currently employed at an IT company so why would I undergo training with them? I accompanied my sister during the interview so I was able to witness everything. Pardon? Who’s not qualified? LOL. In the first place, SEA-MARJ won’t contact people if they’re not. And the so-called final interview made a big difference.

    PS. For SWORD, there’s no money in traffic. And I am not earning for every review, nor do I make money from the expense of others. Do you know the ins and outs of blogging? Anyway, hope you won’t take this post negatively. I am happy that you are employed so feel free to post a positive review about them. :)

    Also, I did not say anything against the assistance they are providing. If you are to read my post, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

  10. Mickey Manalang says:

    eh tang ina mo pala oasis pineda gago. ang sabi ni ms. marj “endorsement letter sa mga hotels and restaurants” kaso ang binigay sa amin letter para sa agency, baliw ka ba? kahit na marami silang tie up na agency ung agency pa rin ang masusunod sa pagkuha ng mga aplikante. kung alam ko lang na letter sa agency ang ibibigay sana di na ko pumasok

    • Liz says:

      Sad to hear. My impression about SEA-MARJ almost change after hearing a positive feedback from oasis. But after learning about your experience with them, really seems that the training center is not credible enough. By the way, Jobstreet has updated their job posting so as not to mislead other job applicants. Update about SEA-MARJ.

  11. LHEN says:

    talaga bng scammer cla?! O.M.G na-interview nga aq dun .. taz nanghi2ngi nga cla ng downpayment .. kea di na aq tumuloy ? dp nman aq HRM graduate.

    • Liz says:

      @ LHEN
      Kaya ko nga to nipost kasi para malaman if maganda nanyari after nila mag-attend and if nagkatrabaho talaga. Kaso andami nagsulputan na sa agency rin daw nirerefer. Gaya ng post ni Mickey.

  12. lieza simon says:

    im done also with my training at sea marj and i believe they are the best training center that offers great experiences specially to those fresh graduates like me, who are in need of job and on the job training. so what are you guys waiting for… try sea marj… ..!!!!

  13. Kim says:

    i will be having an interview in seamarj tomorrow and after reading some of the posts.. i suddenly became undecided..ibg sbhn ba is head hunter lng yung seamarj and they’ll just give you referral letters for the hotels or they really hire peole and send them overseas?

    • Liz says:

      @ Kim, based on Mickey’s post, seems so. Training center. Which is at first unclear on their original job postings. Thanks to jobstreet for updating those ones. ALL of their job postings have been updated. I believe the training fee is now included. So those who are interested can still apply.

  14. devy says:

    today was our second day…. my target job is becoming a receptionist or in front desk…. but, i have a mixed feeling about this. first worry for the payment i gave. but at the same time hoping for the best. u’ll never know unless u try right?… friday is the end of our training. i’ll be posting another comment by then….

    • Liz says:

      @ Devy
      Thanks. I am really looking forward to good results. As you can see, I am asking for feedback of those who undergone the training since most of the comments here are negative.

  15. Amanda Lee Beltran Bondoc says:

    FYI…this is 4 the person who must have created the gibberish blog bowt SEAMARJ…

    regarding on our investigation you did not pass the interview for the training in Seamarj and as it is due to your depression you’ve created this blog to ruin the name of the company…May I just ask you to look for yourself the opportunities that this company has given to their dear trainess…and first of all di CLA Manloloko…I had my Training with their company without obliging me to pay anything the question was so clear that if you are really educated you would know the meaning…u were asked by their management that if you w0uld like to do the training there will be payment the endorsement for the companies that they are tied up with…will be endorsed to you after the training this is just a refresher course and a back up company in applying locally nd abroad…hello? this is lyk magsaysay…u gotta be kidding me if you’re telling me that manloloko cla…If I were u face the reality…when u apply for a JOB make sure u bring out the best in you…ndi ung ganito…ccraan mu un Company na may go0d name sa kadahilanang di ka nila pinasa 4 the reason na u did not qualify…nd FYI we had certificates from this company nd me nd my friends are about to leave the c0untry…with SEAMARJ help…para sa lahat…Go nd Apply in Seamarj see 4 yourself dami na nila na paalis ng pilipinas…lahat ng agency na ka tie up nila is with license ng POEA…SEE it 4 urself muah…advice lng sa nagfail na applicant na un…I’m so sorry galingan mu kc sa pagsagot sa interview para di mu na need craan un company…I’m Clearing the Name of Seamarj!!!

    • Liz says:

      Hi Amanda,

      Seems that my message to Oasis is not clear enough? Have you read the post? Or let’s not go that far, say, the title itself. :)

  16. Mickey Manalang says:


    • Liz says:

      @ Mickey
      Salamat sa updates. Yung iba na nagsabi na magpprovide ng update after the training, wala pang feedback eh.
      Yung posting nila sa Jobstreet updated na. Kasali na yung training fee. Pero yung iba, hindi kasinlaki ng font size. Inconsistent.

  17. Mickey Manalang says:


  18. KakyLe says:

    Hey guys, may training ako this coming monday sa SEA MARJ. Pero sa mga nabasa ko hindi ko alam kanino maniniwala. Pupunta na lang ako sa Magsaysay and ask them kung affiliate nila ung SEA MARJ. My friend din kasi ako na nagsabi na wag ng magtraining sa SEA MARJ kasi parang scammer thingy ata. Not sure.. Bahala na. Madali lang naman sila ipakulong. haha JOKE :p

    • Liz says:

      @ KakyLe
      Natawa naman ako sa comments mo. They have updated their job postings naman sa jobstreet about the training fee so I’m happy about that kasi di na mamimisslead applicants.
      As for scammer thingy, only those who undergone training ang makakapagsabi whether it’s one or not. Kasi sila makakaprove if nabigyan sila ng maayos na trabaho or naiwan sa ere. Pero syempre, mas matutuwa ako to hear positive feedback as stated in the title of this post.
      As of now, walang nag-uupdate eh. Di ko lam ano na nanyari tuloy. :)

  19. dry says:

    sa lhat ng nbsa q at nlman ko,parang ayoko n mag undergo sa training ..i was wanted to go cguro sa mga lisyensyado ng POEA./.kc sa bansa ntin ngaun walng mpagkktiwalaan.mrami ng sana walng ng manloloko para aman umunlad mga pinoy..

    • Liz says:

      @ dry
      Sa dami nga ng nagcomment dito saying na they’ll keep me updated after their training, wala man lang bumalik para sa magandang balita. I wonder what happened. Yan tuloy, puros negative feedback ang meron. :(

  20. Nica says:


    Iam also done with the training with that sea-marj chorva…
    me and my friends was too excited with it without knowing n scam lng cla…nhirapan din ako mgapply s mga bngay nlang endorsement letter w/c is through agency p rin tlga…
    i take it as a challenge instead of accusing them for something nagapply ako…by then aun iam working as a receptionist now…happy indeed but di ko nmn ngmit ung training sknla…

    • Liz says:

      @ Nica
      Thanks for the feedback. :)
      I’m glad to hear na you simply take it as a challenge instead of taking it negatively.
      Pero di ba, if ganun din pala, might as well na direct ka na mag-apply sa iba.

      Anyway, goodluck sa career mo jan sa chosen field mo. :)

  21. yagbanotz says:

    magttraining ako dis coming monday..from what i read parang nacconfuse 2loy ako…most ng ngppost puro negative ang feedback..

  22. Liz says:

    ^If you are willing to undergo the training, I think you can take Nica’s word for it. Say, another learning experience or challenge? Pero yun nga, only if you are willing to take the risk. It will definitely entail lots of time, effort and money. All the best!

  23. khen says:

    bkt ang laki nmn kc nga traing fee nla…….parang nkkopend ang price almst 4k……

  24. nina says:

    hi. nagapply din po ako sa ang course ko at ang inaaply ko po ay Hotel receptionist.. wala akong alam sa fine dine-in pero tenext nila ako tpos sabi pa nung jo babalikan daw nya yung resume ko kasi di naman daw ako hrm graduate.. nung interview kami kunwari hindi kami lahat nakapasok dahil may 3 applicants syang nreject na hrm graduates.. pero bakit ako di nya nreject sa interview? so nakakapanghinala tlaga.. tpos nung paalis na kami seamarj sinsingil nya kami para sa training fee.. bakit pati yung nreject nyang hrm graduates sinisingil nya samantalang sabi nya hindi daw sila qualified kasi mali mali yung sagot nila sa interview.. tpos yung iba kong kasama qualified nga nung hindi nagbayad sinauli yung resume nila.. napakabastos nya dapat sinabi nya na lang na bumalik na lang sila kung meron ng pambayad.. madalas yung mga hr sa manila magaling nga silang magsalita ng english at kaya nilang basahin ang ugali mo sa kilos at sa postura ng mukha mo pero kung kumilos sila wala silang galang sa mga applicants lalo na sa mga fresh graduates.. tandaan nyo SEA-MARJ hindi porke may pinagaralan kayo pwede nyo ng laitin yung ibang tao.. at hindi iyan ang ticket nyo para mapunta kayo sa langit.. may mga araw din kayo..mdalas sa mga kakilala kong bastos at gustong mamera lang.. eh may sakit na ngayon at naghihirap na.. tandaan nyo yan,, at sa mga aplikante na galing sea-marj hindi kayo natanggap sa isang five star hotel dahil sa sea-marj kundi sa husay nyo dahil hindi naman kayo ihahatid ng sea-marj sa hotel na aaply nyo.. endorsement lang ang kaya nilang gawin.. kapag pinapunta kayo ng sea-marj sa isang hotel hindi ibig sabihin tanggap na kayo.. kundi kayo din ang magdadala sa inyong sarili.. kaya ang payo ko sa inyo mag direct na lang kayo..

    • Liz says:

      My sister had the same BAD experience as you. I was there when the interviewee nonchalantly shove her resume away when my sister said that she will think about the offer/setup first (knowing that there is a fee) . How rude, di ba?

  25. nina says:

    sa mga taong may bad comment sa sinabi ko. sorry kasi di din naman kami nirespeto ng SEA-marj.. thanks na lang din sa bad comment.. Godbless you all

  26. C says:

    hi andito paba si nica? hi nica, saan ka receptionist now? ganyan din kasi offer sakin sa seamarj pero hindi ko tinanggap dahil nakapagbasa ako dito. Yung friend ko tumuloy pa din sa sea marj kahit knwento ko to, update ko kayo if mabigyan siya work, nagbibitaw salita si ms.marjorie samin na in 5days mabbgyan niya kami work at receptionist nga daw. tgnan ko kng aftr 5days mabgyan n work frnd ko.

    anyway, sobrang nice sakin ni ms. marjorie, knukuha nia ko front desk at pang 5 star hotel daw ako, pero masyado ako sigurista eh. nag background check ako para sgurado nabasa ko to at narealize ko rn n dme wrong grammar sa profile nla sa job street tas pti the way mgtxt s ms. marjorie napaka unprofessional puro short cut ang txt at wla ako maintndhan… tsaka nakakaduda kasi sila eh… kahit na mabait sakn s ms.marjorie hnd ko padin tnanggap offer dhl ayoko i-risk yung 3800 ng magulang ko.. madami naman ibang agency jan na kilala at tried and tested dun nalang ako magaply, kung may bayad man okay lang basta sure na hnd scam. tsaka isa pa naguguluhan ako sa seamarj, ano ba sila, training center, agency, company o ano… ayun.. basta update ko kayo sa mangyari s friend ko. buti nalang sigurista ako at msyado madami iniisp, mas okay na to kesa maloko ako….

    btw, sabi nila katie up nila CSB hotel, hindi naman daw sabi ng CSB hotel… grad kasi ako sa CSB… ayun…

  27. JOSH says:

    aw!!! may training ako sa 23, parang ayaw ko na.. ndi nlng talaga. sayang down payment ko. anu bayan.. sayang din ung nilakad ko.. gastos.. hmp!

  28. Liz says:

    @ C
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Hope you can update us.

    @ Josh
    Tama, better na masigurado ang lahat before ka mag-invest. Actually, pag ganitong usapan, di sya investment…

  29. nina says:

    @ C dpende pa rin yun sa interview sa Hotel.. KAsi sabi sa SEAMARJ kapag walang pansinan or di ka pinapansin sa hotel kung saan ka nadeploy para mainterview bumalik ka daw sa office nila at bibigyan ka nila ulit ng bagong hotel para puntahan, diba lokohan lang.. anong sinasabi nila na mabibigyan ka agad nila ng work after training sa kanila?.. di rin yun sure kasi depende pa rin yun sa hotel.. so lahat ay wala din kasiguraduhan sa offer and promises nila after training.

  30. nina says:

    saka ang di ko matanggap eh yung paglait nya sa hitsura dun sa mga naging kasama ko sa interview,. bastos tlaga tatlong hrm graduates pa yung nilait nya pero ako educ graduate ako pero di nya ako nireject sa interview…amp

  31. Liz says:

    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for visiting back and keeping us posted.

  32. ezekiel says:

    Sabi kasi nila Interview..
    for Hotel staff..
    pagdating dun hindi naman pala..
    Hingi pa sila talent fee.. este ” reservation”

    Sayang luwas ko ng Manila.. pera, pagod, at effort.

    sana sabihin ng maayos na training center sila.. NAPA-MISLEADING ng TEXT,, pati ung POST s Jobstreet nakalagay 100 vacancies..

  33. Liz says:

    @ Ezekiel
    We share the same sentiments.
    Since I have reported it to Jobstreet, their job posting should be updated, rather corrected. It should clearly mention the training fee. Last time I checked, it’s included on the job posting only that the font size is wayyyy smaller… I wonder why… Probably to keep it less visible.

  34. meako says:

    hello there..
    me tooooo…. experienced same bad things happen after my training at seamarj. sobrang nagsisisi ako na pumasok pa ako dun. sayanag lng pera ko!

  35. meako says:

    sayang now ko lng kasi nabasa tong blog na to eh..di tuloy ako na warning.sayang talaga lahat, hiya nman ako sa ate ko na gumastos pa pra sa walang kwentang training na yun. na blind lng kasi ako coz i want to have a job already..parang di ko pnansin yung duda ko.(tanga!). but then, I trust GOD so much, kahit ganun ang nagyari, lesson na rin un 4 me. and i believe na mkakahanap pa rin ako work by God’s help. xa lng nman backer ko eh.(booooo for seamarj echos)!!

    • Liz says:

      @ Meako
      Thanks sa comment at pagkwento ng experience mo. So wala pala talagang assurance…
      That’s sad. :(
      Sayang talaga ang pera pag ganun…

  36. jellie says:

    buti i read all of the comments husband got a text from them for an initial interview a post from jobstreet, i will let my husband go there for an interview but if he was asked to pay for something.NO NO…

    • Liz says:

      Keep us posted jellie. Hope everything will turn out good for your husband… Good luck sa job hunting!

  37. florante ramos says:

    ganun pala dto sa sea marj..napakawalang hiya..unproffesional kung baga..wala naman palang kwenta

  38. florante ramos says:

    sa lahat ng ngcomment dto..natutuwa naman talaga ako..kasi nalalabas nio ung mga naranasan natutulungan nio pa ung ibang tao.

    • Liz says:

      Glad to know that this post as well as readers’ comments help you a lot Florante. Keep spreading the word! Thanks!

  39. Ersun says:

    wahhh nde dnaku tutuloy d2 sa seamarj natoh sayng lng 3,800 ko if ever nagdown pnamn ako ng 200 LOL, kya plah ako ung una nyang cnigil sa reservation fee dahil cguro Rn ako iispn nila malke idodown ko well not!! cgurista dn ako tlgang ngsearch ako ng mga tungkol sknla aun puro negative nabbsa ko, gs2 ko tuloi pmnta this coming monday para pgilan ung mga ksma ko tsk tsk. at ipabsa lhat toh, ska add ko lng ung mga ngtrainng d2 na ngcommnt dna ngbgay ng update, ska e2 search nyo ung mga fb group tingn nyo lng sea merj den u’ll see na cnasabe nila na prang naloko sila tsk tsk tsk grbe mga tao d2 kya dnaasenso BANSA nten eh!! slmt sa blog natoh sobra salamt!! dhil sau nabksan isip ko masgugustuhn kopa tuloi mgvolunteer nurse kesa d2 sa progm nila kaluqhan!!

    • Liz says:

      @ Ersun
      Good that you didn’t pay in full. Keep us posted and hope you can share this info to your friends. Better safe errr sure, than sorry. :)

  40. mando says:

    Ahm nbasa ko nw lhat ng negative ng seamarj, nag txt din sakin yan noon mga feb ata,di ko pumunta, alala ko me byad training, eh di ko nmn nid din mag training kci nag work n ko sa hotel, un name lng nakaka akit eh, kci seamarj prang seaman mean mag babarko ka, buti di ko din to pinuntahan sayang oras lng. Recomend ko sa nyo, if di kyo hrm, try nyo smart pro curses nila housekepng,food and bev at culinary mga 5months ata kayo mag aral, me certificate kayo ng tesda which kelangan din kung gusto nyo mag barko, kci aral tpos ojt kyo, acrdited yan sa tesda,.pwede din kyo mag aply dun un sa mga hrm na, hawak nila manila hotel.. Gudluck sa nyo.

  41. roger says:

    22o ba talaga na may naka2alis dyan sa seamarj na yan?

  42. reginald says:

    ahm! hello 22o ba talaga yan seamarj na yan kc bakit pa sila nag re2quired ng training eh!… kaya nga nagha2nap ng trabaho un tao kc walang pera tapos hihingan pa nila ng training fee”,””‘>.>>…

  43. joycey De Leon says:

    I totally agree with you guys Im a graduate of a 4 year course in an exclusive school and i believe that i have acquired the knowledge and expertise in this industry, kea nga after you graduate taas noo ka na ei di ba ksi youre confident enough to face the world of work. I mean di ba? why do you have to pay pa ng training fee na 3,800 for 5 days lng smantalang ako 4 years nag pakahirap magaral at nagbayad ng napakamahal na tuition fee.. knina sampo kmi only two lang ang naconvince at mga fresh grad lang…

  44. joycey De Leon says:

    check neo sa you tube ung training samples nila -> ei sus mga pang international at tlgang bonga ang mga facilities ng school nmin nung college pa ako..and marami na din mga pang international ang nag turo smin.. wag na keo mag pa training jan at magpauto sa Sea Marj HR training na yan kawawa mga fresh graduate jan, pag fresh grad ka bibigyan ka ng mraming compliment na halimbawa uy ikaw pang hotel ang looks mo pwedeng pwede ka tpos si fresh grad mega blush nman byad na ng reservation training fee..kalerkey… :L

  45. Merce Espejo says:

    Local employment maganda ang sea-marj kasi nakapasok ako thru them. I don’t know lang kung sa cruise ship. And pwde ang sea-marj sa mga ndi HRM graduate na gs2 psukin ang Hospitality industry. Makakatulong naman din ang training nla. But I guess hindi nagging malaking factor ang sea-marj sa pagtanggap sayo sa work, its still your skills and capabilities..

  46. negativerr says:

    kalukohan!dami qnang training! 3 taw pra s training py? ulol.. qng yang 3 taw n i babayad q my trbaho na agad aq. ok lng.. kaso training lng yan. anu ba assurance q jan after ng training?…sawa n aq mg bayad.!! ganito nb gaun kailangan mo muna mg bayad bago mgka trbaho?..wel gudlock sa inyo cofreshgrad!!

  47. Phat says:

    Tnx blogger.. A absent p Nman aq s Monday initial interview q dw xe s Monday.. Hekhek.

  48. adel says:

    Is there any updates dun sa mga nag training. My sister was there in Sea Marj office last week and she is planning to have training this coming Tuesday. She was asked for a down payment for the reservation fee. After all the comments that I have read, I am now confused if I let my sister to pursue her training. Hope to read again updates from those current trainee to know more details pa he he

  49. anna says:

    ou isa din aq sa naloko ng sea marj na yan sbi pa wla daw ggastusin sa pghhnap ng trabaho pero kmi din nmn ngppunta sa mga pngbibigay nila na recomendations.. 3800..!!!!! nakakapanghinayang… pluz mga pamasahe p nmin pg pumupunta sa mga agency..! haaaayyy..!!!! God Bless nlng

  50. mark says:

    22o ba lahat to???my training kc ako nxt wik sa sea marj eh…please update me 4 more info….ng down ako 100 pesos…huhuhu >_< tnx

    • Liz says:

      What I posted here are based on our experience. You can also refer to other comments. So far, more on negative side talaga lumalabas kasi walang successful applicant na bumabalik po. :(

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