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SWORD Extends its Influence

You don’t have to be a “person of influence” to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they’ve taught me. – Scott Adams

If people will ask me, “How long is your life?” I will definitely shrug and tell them, “I don’t know.” But if you are to ask me, “How far is your influence?”, I can definitely answer, “Great and afar!”.

Some may disagree, but I will insist. I am not conceited, just logical and coherent. I am not the best blogger out there but I am one of those who influenced. You might ask, HOW.

This blog was establish last December of last year with an intention of sharing insights and different reviews. As much as I don’t want to include personal stuff here, I can’t help it but post some from time to time. And I realized that it makes things effective. If you really want to influence other, a touch of personality can yield good result. Attach emotions. Invoke opinions. Highlight conversations. And yes, you can start a commotion just make sure that you can end it in a nice way.

Who are the people influenced by SWORD?
Family – This blog inspired me to continue be the best sister to my siblings and a good daughter to my parents. If a mother, or father, or any family member is to read this blog, for sure they can find ideals that will strengthen the “family ties” that has been there ever since we were born into a Filipino family.

Friends – I consider this blog more powerful than my Facebook wall. Updates here are more consistent compared to FB and my real friends appreciate me for talking a lot so I am channeling the unspoken words into writings. As a matter of fact, I was able to convince a friend of mine to start blogging because of this.

AcquaintancesRandom bloggers may come and go to this sweet home of mine. With their reinforcing comments and notable remarks, I know that somehow, they were able to find something precious around.

I have been passionate in blogging about ongoing campaigns too and I think that is the best thing about SWORD, spreading the word and letting the world know about the most important happening, sharing what I have and lending a helping hand. Most of all, encouraging everyone that TOGETHER, we can make a difference.

SWORD has received positive reviews from different bloggers in the blogosphere. Whether they are forced or not, I still appreciate the linky love. The latest one is from Yuuki:


My pen is this SWORD!

Thanks sis! Thanks to Arwin of Winziph as well for considering this blog influential and nominating me as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010.

No one needs to please me to make me happy. As long as I am appreciated, I can go on with my life. Even if not, I won’t bug you for that.

People always say that the PEN is mightier than the SWORD. Let me tell you then: My mightiest PEN is this SWORD!

I will greatly appreciate those who will answer this question: Am I able to influence you? How?

Sacrifice… In the Name of LOVE!

This was shared to me via Facebook. If you are the bridge master in this video, what will you do?

Spread the word and keep spreading the LOVE!

Are You An Efficient Multi-Tasker?

Can you do multiple things at the same time? Do you feel better about it? How’s the result of doing simultaneous tasks? As an owner of more than 12 blogs and a full-time Technical Support Engineer I am guilty of it. I have to do multitasking at home and in the office.

As much as I wanted to focus on work-related task at the office, I can’t help myself but browse my emails. There ,I will see inquiries about my blogs, comments I have to approve, Facebook updates, personal emails and the like. At the same time I’m signed in to my Yahoo Messenger and Skype, thereby continuously getting instant messages from my friends and co-bloggers. Of course, there is also the temptation to log on to sites such as foxybingo and indulge in a few online games. My cellphone beeps from time to time with messages from my boyfriend and siblings. The tricky part is – I’M ON CALL, giving technical support to customers on the other line.

I am proud to say that I am not sacrificing the quality of my job. I’m getting good CSAT score and QA. But still, I am guilty of a little bit inefficiency. How many times have I typed instant messages in wrong YM windows? Stuttered over the phone when I almost said what I was typing? Pasted wrong notes e.g. interchanging what’s supposed to be on my notepad and email. Of course I had the time to correct those mistakes within few minutes or so. I’d apologize to the customer and then repeat what I was saying rather, correct it. For chat, I’m getting used to “Sorry, wrong window” line. As for my notes, I can always edit it. Without doubt, I’m still doing good. The question is, until when and to what extent? Yes, I can do things at the same time. Problem is, it also takes time to make up with the not-so good outcome of simultaneous tasks.

Wake up now!

What inspired me to write this post is the email shared by my manager with the link to Inquirer’s Learning Section: Multitasking does not work. To quote him:

I guess the main point is know WHEN to multi-task and WHEN to FOCUS on listening for the details.

e.g. you can watch and enjoy a movie at the same time having pop-corn or pizza with your favorite drink (or even cuddling your better half) but when it comes to listening to important communication and instructions I believe you have to FOCUS and ensure you do not miss a single detail…

So true!

I believe that most of the bloggers are part of multitasking generation but not attention-deficit at all as opposed to American research stated on the article. Afterall, it applies to young students or teens and not to 20 year-old people and up.
Nonetheless, it still made me curious about the book “Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life”.

Winifred Gallagher explains that inefficiency brought about by multitasking is due to distracted functions of the brain. It was supported by magnetic resonance imaging results showing that as we focus on demanding tasks, we primarily rely on our brain’s hippocampus (which governs memory). But as things and other stuff distract us, we unconsciously switch to another part of the brain, the striatum (which governs routine activities) resulting to fragmented recollection.

Believe it or not, multitasking requires more time than doing things one at a time: People multitask in order to save time but, in the end, they spend more time doing several things at once.

Rather than multitasking, go for timely organizing of things. Shall I say proper time management? Sort of, and setting of short-term goals and long-term goals will also fit in.

Image source: blogs.saschina.org

Saving Money Knows No Age

I remember when I was a kid, I was so fond of playing with Barbies and play money. It is more of a role playing game wherein I pretended to be the Barbie talking to other Barbies who were my playmates. We went to school and spend our money with our foods and other stuff. Aside from play money, we also used candy wrapper of different colors to represent the various denominations. Say red for P50, orange for P20 and green for P5, brown for P10.

Play and Learn

At a young age, I’ve been enjoying this kind of indoor game. The new generation is so different and the technological advancement introduced Ekomini to children ages 6 – 12 for only $39.99. It refers to the interactive piggy bank that works hand and hand with the parents in educating kids about money

Educational Stuff

The game itself is called Ekominiville that highlights the use of money box connected to a computer to track kids’ savings. Children playing it can easily learn about saving, planning for purchases, donating to social causes and investing. There is also a parental interface to help keep mom and dad involved in their kids’ progress.