There Is Happiness in Welcome House

My most remarkable outreach activity is distributing school bags and kits to schoolchildren who have been victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Last Sunday, I got the chance to mingle with the kids again and be part of the “Changing Lives” campaign. It was my, rather our first time at Welcome House. Through the initiatives of Ma’am Chel (our Director) and her friends, Welcome House was built and sustained for nine years. Its primary goal is to discourage parents from letting their children work and send them to school instead. Since they have financial challenges, the sponsors continuously support them. The best part of it is the yearly program of giving them school shoes together with school bags and things. I am so happy to be part of this event! As a volunteer, I found joy in being with children and sharing a helping hand to the less fortunate. I even got acquainted to Rochell Umali, a shy kid who became so happy after I gave her the bag and shoes aside from the prize I’ve won (well, my team’s) from the game. I’ve got no photos to share as of the moment, just overwhelming thoughts and a caring heart.

Update: Here are the images grabbed via FB


CSS Outreach on the go!


Picture-taking with Lil McDo!

Yummy Halo Halo

Our reward! Yummy!

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2 Responses to There Is Happiness in Welcome House

  1. analou says:

    Wow sis, you’re really incredibly amazing. Even you’re very busy, you have the time to give you’re helping hands to the less fortunate. I salute you for your good deeds sis…

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