Scott Kay: Diversity in Diamonds

Times change and, with them, the accepted philosophies change too. Jewelry was once believed to be a woman’s domain, with every brand slanted toward pleasing, pretty curves and pretty smiles. But Scott Kay has seized a new idea and it’s one of masculinity. Silver is no longer a feminine shine. It is instead something new. It is instead something daring.

While few can deny Scott Kay’s influence on bridal wear and evening pieces, none can can deny the influence it has delivered toward men. Pendants, rings, wrist-wear and cuff links have been made; each with bold appearances and unflinching colors. Gothic crosses, Celtic twists, Spartan skulls and more are embedded into strong bases. The effect is both impressive and unyielding. It’s the new design for the new requests. It’s the future of jewelry.

Scott Kay: For the Next Generation

His origins were not the standard: Scott Kay realized his passion for creation after spying a lug nut on the ground and deciding it could be shaped into a ring. His intentions were not always appreciated: he was rejected initially from the Fashion Institute and his declaration that men could favor platinum was thought to be impossible.

Scott Kay represents the modern ideals. Equality extends to everything, including jewelry. There is a wealth of pattern and texture to find; there is always a convention to break. What was once accepted is now ignored and what was once never attempted is now the ordinary. With a wide range of pieces and styles, all men can now find what they need without regretting the look or its cost. It’s the new trend that is certain not to fade; not with Scott Kay leading the call. Discover what was once deemed too strange. Discover what is now easy.

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