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Beauty In A Snap of Your Fingers!

Having a healthy smile starts from proper mouth care. Your personal hygiene plays a very important role of your own well-being. Self-discipline is next which is more concern on keeping or maintaining what you already have. Of course we all know that there is more than just a lovely face, but a lively smile can always make a difference. Now, what can make you smiling all the way?

Genuine smile comes from inner confidence and a happy mood. What makes someone happy depends on a lot of factors.

We can all be happy through various reasons. Say, you’ve got promoted on your job! You just won a fabulous prize! You’ve found your partner in life! Or simply you’re just feeling beautiful!

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Electronic Accessories For Different Consumers

The call center industry has been reigning for years all over the world. Be it outsource or in-house type of support, a great deal of money is involved to establish it and to purchase equipment and other consumer electronic accessories. Aside from the management itself, the clients have their own say with regard to technical specifications of the gadgets especially witht the service.

IT specialists contribute a lot to a successful setup of a call center. They are knowledgeable in the field of Information Technology so networking is one of their specialties. They can help you decide on which computer parts, Avaya phones, network equipment and other telecommunication necessities to prioritize. You can trust them if you are looking for authentic parts or computer components. It is good to know that these people can contact their partners or other companies providing electronic products and services in a lower price. The internet is also their reliable source in terms of cheaper quotations.

Electrical devices and computer parts come handy nowadays. Aside from a business perspective, they are also widely used at home and other small offices.

STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Awareness

Being aware about the different current issue is the primary signal that you really care about what is happening. Responding nonchalantly to updates, news and other events can get you nowhere. There are lots of information that you may encounter day by day. Some may be reliable and some are not. Because unverified details can impose risk, it would be better to increase your awareness to different subject matter.

Aside from political issues, economic downturns and disasters, health concerns also need to be addressed properly. Statistics and medical reports showed that the case of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) continuously increases. How to avoid STD and how can we support its ongoing campaign?

The answer is simple: be aware and start acting. You may check online references for more STD Screening Information. STDs come with different symptoms and there are times that it is very difficult to identify due to lack of symptoms. Some of the common forms of sexually transmitted diseases are bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Since some victims may not be aware of their current state, it is strongly suggested to consult the experts once in a while. Be informed and get tested!

Kogepan: All About Self-Acceptance

Let us see what a piece of bread can teach us. I let the kids at home watch this mini-series and hopefully they were able to learn and apply the moral of the story.

Kogepan‘s story revolve around his day-to-day experience of roaming around as burnt bread. It portrays his envy over other good-looking breads and his frustration for being burnt. This can make you love yourself even more!

Visit for more information about Kogepan.



Literally “Burnt Bread”, Kogepan is the central character. He was accidentally burned in a horrific bakery accident and has since roamed the bakery, miserable and depressed, looking for some purpose in life. Kogepan would like nothing better than to be sold like all the pretty, popular, uncharred breads – but alas, this is only a dream to him now!
He now spends most of his days getting drunk on milk, and hanging out with his friend Kuriimupan and generally causing a nuisance of himself around and about the bakery. The other breads respect Kogepan but he generally shows indifference towards everyone else.
Ichigopan Ichigopan

Literally “Strawberry Bread”, Ichigopan is a newcomer to the bakery scene. She is a seasonal bread, being sold only in Springtime, and so was anxious that Kogepan be friends with her while she had the chance!
Kogepan, as usual, did not take kindly to her at first. He was jealous of her soft, strawberry-scented, pink-coloured breadiness – however Ichigo-Pan got angry and yelled at him! After a brief altercation, Kogepan changed his mind and tosted her success with some intoxicating milk. She sold swiftly.

Literally “Cream Bread”, Kuriimupan has a story similar to that of Kogepan to tell. He was burnt too, making him practically unsellable, however he has a calmer nature than his best friend Kogepan. He doesn’t tend to get so riled up and jealous of the other breads, and often acts as a counter-balance to Kogepan’s fiery, angry nature.
He is an extremely loyal friend, probably the best Kogepan could ever ask for! They can often be found together knocking back bottles of milk until they pass out from its harsh effects.
Kireipan Kireipan

Literally “Pretty Bread”, Kireipan are young, naive and impressionable breads. They were baked to perfection, and sell almost immediately! Kogepan often lectures them about what it means to be a bread, and the true meaning of happiness – even though he can’t find it himself.
Kireipan are often hyperactive and easily excitable. They look up to Kogepan but can be a little scared of him, most likely due to his scowling countenance. Buy one quick before they’re all sold out!

Literally “Charcoal Bread”, Sumipan suffered an even more devastating fate than Kogepan and Kuriimupan! He was stuck in the intense heat of the oven for, oh, maybe three hours! He’s burnt to a crisp and not particularly happy about it. However he has friends too, and the Kireipan seem particularly fond of him.
He takes drinking a step further than Kogepan, who usually sticks to his milk. Sumipan drinks mild coffee milk. Hardcore.

Episode Guide (and Download)

Episode 1 ScreenshotEpisode 1
A day in the life of Kogepan. A brief introduction to Kogepan.
Download (18.1 MB)
Episode 2 ScreenshotEpisode 2
Kogepan meets another bread of similar burnt fate. They travel together.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 3 ScreenshotEpisode 3
Kogepan and the young pretty breads.
Download (21.9 MB)
Episode 4 ScreenshotEpisode 4
A look at Kogepan’s friends at the bakery.
Download (21.6 MB)
Episode 5 ScreenshotEpisode 5
The story of how Kogepan came to be Kogepan.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 6 ScreenshotEpisode 6
The dreams of Kogepan. Kogepan tries to become a better bread.
Download (21.5 MB)
Episode 7 ScreenshotEpisode 7
The attitude of Kogepan and his ongoing quest for perfection.
Download (21.6 MB)
Episode 8 ScreenshotEpisode 8
Enter Ichigo Pan, the soft pink bread with essence of Strawberry.
Download (23.0 MB)
Episode 9 ScreenshotEpisode 9
A Pretty Pan takes a liking to Kogepan, but it was not to be.
Download (22.5 MB)
Episode 10 ScreenshotEpisode 10
Spring is here! Followed swiftly by Summer, Autumn and Winter!
Download (22.8 MB)